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Vehicle Protection


Paint and Upholstery Protection

The Problem

In today's environment your vehicle is constantly exposed to wear by both weather and human factors. Now that manufacturers have to use water based paints, as they are environmentally friendly, this means that your vehicle is more likely to succumb to fading and oxidation.

On a daily basis, your vehicle is unprotected against elements such as salt, tree sap, acid rain and UV rays. This constant wear means that you need to protect your paintwork in order to preserve the shiny, brand new appearance you get when you purchase your car.

  • GardX protection system can also provide protection for your cars interior. Daily dirt that is brought into the car by yourself, passengers and pets, as well as food and drink items means that your car seats and carpets are under threat of stains and marks.
  • GardX - Stain Guard can be applied to the interior of your vehicle and protect against staining, leaving your seats and carpets clean and markless. For leather interiors, there is GardX - Leather Guard which will not only protect leather against stains, but will keep the leather soft and plush.

How about using a wax polish?

Wax polishes do not leave a lasting result, whenever you wash your car, you will also be washing away a layer of the protection, and over time there will be no protection remaining.

The Solution

The GardX Protection System uses nano technology, which forms a highly resilient coating over your vehicles paintwork as a layer of protection, to shield it from the daily elements that can cause fading and oxidation. GardX produces a glossy finish that will remain, even after washing with detergent and with regular Conserve maintenance, the glossy finish should be maintained without having to polish your car again!

The GardX Vehicle Protection System protects against:

  • Road Salt
  • Tar
  • Dirt
  • Spillage
  • Sun's UV rays
  • Detergents
  • Tree Sap
  • Industrial Fall Out
  • Acid Rain
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Bugs/ Insect fluids

The GardX Vehicle Protection System provides a lifetime guarantee on your vehicles paintwork, carpets, fabric upholstery, leather upholstery.

Paint Protection - How It Works

GardX paint protection uses nano technology to create a layer of protective coating to shield your vehicle's paintwork from all the elements it comes into contact with on a daily basis, such as acid rain, salt, tree sap and UV rays.

When the GardX system is applied, it will retain the the glossy 'showroom' finish, with no need for polishing.

  • Step 1 - The preseal formula penetrates into the vehicles paintwork in preparation for the sealant
  • Step 2 - The sealant creates a permanent bond with the preseal formula, which produces a layer of high gloss coating.

Conserver - 'Conserver' will maintain the GardX protective layer. It is recommended that you should it apply monthly, as part of your car wash routine.

Interior Protection - How It Works

GardX - Stain Guard uses a formula which is able to coat individual fibres of fabric with a protective layer, to shield fabric from spills, dirt, oil and grease. Liquids will either pass through the fabric, without leaving a stain or will form beads as it is resisted, which can than we wiped from the fabric or vacuumed.

For leather interior, GardX - Leather Guard will form a seal over the hide to protect it and will also maintain the leather, keeping it soft and plush.

Other GardX Products

Glass Guard

Applied to the windscreen of your vehicle, Glass Guard is a formula which will create a water resistant layer over the glass, which will cause rain to bead and run off of the windscreen. This will dramatically improve visibility by keeping it clear of rain, snow and dirt. Glass Guard is suitable for all glass surfaces.

Tyre Guard

If you were to encounter a puncture, GardX Tyre Guard can be used to temporarily repair the tyre. Just connect Tyre Guard to the tyre's valve and press. This will reinflate the tyre and repair the puncture., quickly and safely.

Bird Dropping Remover

Bird droppings are not only unpleasant but they are acidic too which can cause erosion on your vehicle's paintwork, leaving permanent damage. GardX paint protection will shield against any corrosion, but damage may still occur if the droppings are not removed swiftly.

GardX Bird Dropping remover will neutralise the droppings to prevent corrosion damage and will soften the droppings making them easy to remove, whilst restoring protection to the affected area.

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