Volkswagen Genuine Parts

Designed specifically for the Volkswagen range. 

Volkswagen Genuine Parts are specifically designed for your Volkswagen vehicle, to help provide optimum performance and better fuel economy, contributing in the long-run to your Volkswagen's used market value.

All of our Genuine Parts are covered by the Volkswagen's two-year warranty (excluding wear and tear). Claims can be made whether you are at home or abroad, with no upper claims limit. Our Genuine Batteries have a three-year warranty.

Volkswagen also off a Genuine Part Exchange service, where recovered used parts are remanufactured and are offered to customers at a reduced rate. Please ask your service advisor for more information. 

To book your service today, please contact your perferred JCT600 Volkswagen dealership using the details or forms listed below.   

Product  Description
Genuine Air Filters Air Filters ensure that the air going into your vehicle's engine is kept clean, and the fuel and air combination is always at the correct level. They have been manufactured using low flammable materials and meet Volkswagen Group, DIN and ISO quality standards. 
Genuine Cabin Filters Cabin Filters prevent contaminants from entering your vehicle's interior cabin area via the heating and ventilation systems. There are two types of Cabin Filters; a 'Dust and Pollen Filter' that keeps out the dirt, dust, soot and pollen and then a 'Pollution Filter' that does all of the above, plus ensures that no gases, exhaust fumes and any bad odours enter your interior cabin area. 
Genuine Oil Filters  Oil Filters effectively remove any soot, oil carbons, dust and any metal particles from your engine oil. This will minimise your engine's wear and tear between services and will proglong your engine's life. 
Genuine Brake Discs and Pads  Specifically designed for your vehicle, Brake Discs and Pads ensure you have optimum braking performance, shorter stopping distances and a better service life. They have been designed to eliminate any screeching, grinding, juddering, chattering, vibrations and burning odours. Extensive testing is carried out on Volkswagen Brake Discs and Pads to ensure the best quality and performance. 
Genuine Exhaust Silencers  Designed to silences your engine whilst maximising your vehicle's engine performance and fuel economy. Made with high grade, optimum strength materials it also helps reduce the risk of components falling and prevents any exhaust fumes leaking and entering your interior cabin area. 
Genuine Cambelt Used to connect your vehicle's cam shaft to the crank shaft, it works to prevent the engine valves from colliding with the pistons and causing servere engine damage. It is therefore important that your vehicle's Cambelt is replaced at the recommended time - ususally every 4 or 5 years. 

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