599 GTB Fiorano Handling GTE Pack

As part of the continuing search for the best driving experience, Ferrari has identified some product contents that, together, contribute to emphasise the sports features of the 599 GTB.

This package is proposed as an optional content for those customers who prefer a more extreme driving style and are looking for a more gratifying driving experience, but without compromising the ease of driving in more relaxed conditions on longer journeys.

The Handling GTE Pack includes technical modifications to the mechanics, the suspension and the tyres, giving the vehicle a sportier type of handling in terms of:

  • Reduction of heave, pitch and roll for a firmer performance, with faster turn in and less effect of under steer
  • Transmission of greater feeling of compactness without unduly affecting the drive comfort
  • Readiness to respond to controls
  • Better road holding while maintaining excellent ease of control

Track use further highlights these dynamic qualities, thanks to the increased sensitivity to driving impulse obtained through the modification of certain electronic controls. In addition the Handling GTE Pack aesthetically characterises the car thanks to the precise personalisation interventions. The modifications that don't alter the clean lines and elegance of the outer form, or of the refined interior, but simply reinterpret them in a more sporty way.


  • Lower suspension (-10mm)
  • New suspension calibration with magnetorhealogical control in the SPORT andRACE configurations of the Manettino
  • More firm suspension springs (front 16% / rear 10%)
  • More firm rear anti-roll bar (diameter increased to 24.5mm) 
  • Modified accelerator-pedal logic
  • More marked exhaust sound
  • Improved compound of the tyres
  • Optimised response of the F1 gear change software

The package includes renewed suspension, characterised by new springs and more firm rear bar, and a new calibration for the magnetorheological shock absorbers in the sports configurations of the Manettino (SPORT and RACE positions). The handling is characterised by a prompter response and a feeling of greater compactness, without unduly affecting the drive comfort.

The car height from the ground has also been reduced, allowing a further lowering of the centre of mass and hence a reduction of load transfer. The lowering of the centre of mass, together with the new suspension, helps to limit the heave, pitch and roll, with consequent benefits on the car's dynamic preformance. This setting has, in fact, led to a reduction in the static roll and the rolling movements on the track as well as the pitching, giving the car faster turn in and less under steer effect.

The F1 gearbox activation is now faster in performance driving conditions and thanks to the improved electronic management, the response time of the gear change control system has now been minimised.

The road behaviour of this new package is evident during extreme track use, allowing a more dynamic use of the vehicle with faster turn in and higher turn speed, for an overall higher performance level.


  • Sportier front grille with a new style and burnished paintwork
  • Specific modular 20-inch rims with new design and Silver Corsa matt colouring
  • Front track 10mm wider (front rims with increased width to 8.5"), rear track 5mm wider
  • New design for the exhaust tailpipes

The RRP of the Handling GTE Pack is ?24,000, however, JCT600 Brooklands Ferrari are offering a reduction to just ?20,000 including all parts, labour and VAT.

Contact Liam McQuinn on 0844 844 7440 for more information.

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