V12 Vantage S with manual gearbox

As one of the company’s finest models, the Vantage has been a mainstay in the Aston Martin line-up and the sports coupé has been around since 2005.

The Vantage V12 S is a great model that offers top tier performance, hitting a top speed 15mph higher than the regular V8 model, while reaching 60mph almost 20% quicker.

Until now, the standard gearbox for the Vantage has been the 7-speed automatic, but Aston Martin is now offering the V12 with a 7-speed ‘dog-leg’ manual gearbox. 

This change to a dog-leg setup harks back to the classic sporting concept and means that the more commonly used gears - second to seventh - are in the traditional H-gate layout to keep gear changes as smooth as possible.

Part of the manual transmission is the AMSHIFT system, which helps to mimic heel-and-toe downshifts and gives a smoother transition as you change down. The system also helps with acceleration, giving you the smallest gap between gear changes to get you up to speed.

Along with this new release, the new AMi III infotainment system is introduced to the whole Vantage range, which is a marked improvement on the AMi II system. Improvements include better graphics, faster processing and easier usage. It also uses Apple CarPlay, which integrates the iPhone features onto the infotainment system so that you can use your phone safely on the go.

The V12 Vantage S manual is available to order now, with deliveries commencing in the second half of this year. To find out more about the new Vantage model or any other Aston Martin, contact JCT600 Aston Martin Leeds on 0113 292 6361.

Added: 19 April 2016

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