Top performing Volkswagen Van Centre Sheffield win trip to Crafter Factory

Sales teams at Volkswagen Van Centres across the UK were given the opportunity to win a visit to the new Crafter Factory in Poland, based on top performance results. 

Built in just 23 short months, the Crafter Factory has been described as Europe’s most advanced new factory of its kind. The factory will be able to produce 100,000 vehicles annually (which means 17 vehicles per hour or 380 vehicles per day)!

JCT600 Volkswagen Van Centre Sheffield was announced as the winners for achieving the best top performance results in their area (area 2). 

Pictured left were the lucky team members selected to attend the trip on 1st February; Katie Walker, Stephen O’Keefe and Andy Walker. 

Well done to all at Volkswagen Van Centre Sheffield! 

Added: 13 February 2017

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