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The future of the luxury motor car

Rolls-Royce is perhaps the most famous high-end luxury motor car manufacturer in the world, with a long and successful history of crafting vehicles renowned for comfort and refinement.

So how does it make the transition from 6.75-litre V8 combustion engines to the powertrains of the future? Electric vehicles are here, and Rolls-Royce acknowledges that it is time to make the shift.

A Rolls-Royce EV is likely to be a whole new model line, according to Autocar magazine, possibly using the ‘Silent Shadow’ moniker – a clever marriage of a famous Rolls-Royce brand and the noiseless propulsion electric offers.

Whatever form Rolls-Royce’s electric vehicle takes, it seems to be a perfect match. EVs are renowned for smooth power delivery and virtually silent motoring. Rolls-Royce already has both of those characteristics on lock, so an EV from the marque will slot in seamlessly.

Read the full Autocar article for free by clicking here, or by clicking the image on this page.

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Added: 20 January 2021

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