Smart fortwo vs forfour

Both the fortwo and the forfour are superb city cars, with great agility, surprising amounts of space and good performance to get around the city roads quickly.

Smart’s selection of well-built, customisable models means that it can be difficult to choose between the two, but both have differing features so you can make the right choice for you.

First of all, the fortwo is - as the name suggests - a two seat vehicle, but with less of the car's length needed for accommodation there's plenty of luggage space in the rear compartment, and if you are on your own the passenger seat can be folded down to give you even more room to transport things. 

The forfour however has more space to offer, with the ability to fold down the back two seats and the front passenger seat to give you almost 1000 litres of space. Even with passengers in the back, you have as much storage space as in the fortwo, so if are carrying more around, the forfour is the smart for you.

However, when agility and manoeuvrability is being considered, the fortwo comes into its own. Built on the Tridion safety cell shell, each wheel is placed on the corner so that you can turn more easily and has a turning circle under 7 metres, a figure no other car can match. For inner city driving, there is no car better at getting you around.

Both have rear-mounted engines and rear-wheel drive to reduce space and get you up to speed as quickly as possible, with the 70hp and turbocharged 88hp engines also very economical, meaning less time spent at the petrol station.

With both cars built around the Tridion safety cell, the fortwo and forfour are very secure vehicles for their size, and with assistance systems such as Forward collision warning, Lane keeping assist and rear parking assist and camera available on both models, they are capable of keeping you safe on the road. 

With very similar equipment available in both also, it is a choice between the amount of space you want to use and the manoeuvrability you want in the city.

If you need any help deciding which one suits you best, contact you nearest JCT600 smart dealership to view both models so you can truly decide the right smart for you.

Added: 11 May 2016

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