JCT600 VLS awarded Go Ultra Low status

Our leasing and fleet management business, JCT600 VLS, has become the latest company to join the Go Ultra Low campaign, a government and automotive initiative which recognises businesses that embrace electric vehicles.

JCT600 VLS was awarded Go Ultra Low company status in recognition of how it is promoting and using Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) in its own company car fleet.  

Poppy Welch, head of Go Ultra Low, said: “We want to encourage every business in the UK to follow the example set by JCT600 VLS to offer employees the chance to drive or own an electric vehicle. Not only does it demonstrate a commitment to a cleaner automotive future, but there are multiple short- and long-term financial benefits for companies and their employees to enjoy. Thanks to the wide variety of models available and their cost-saving potential, this is a realistic and rewarding option for businesses large and small.”

Paul Walters, managing director of JCT600 VLS who has led the way by switching to a BMW 530e himself, comments: “ULEVs are the future.  We have had several customers approach us in the wake of the Government’s announcement about the banning of diesel or petrol-only powered cars by 2040. In order to be able to give them the best advice, we have to ensure that we are up to speed and using the technology ourselves.”

JCT600 VLS now includes hybrid or fully electric options for all of our own company car drivers and diesel or petrol-only options will  be allowed on a strictly exceptional business need basis.

Mr Walters continues: “I would like our whole fleet to be fully ULEV or electric by 2019 although I recognise we have to consider individual business requirements and costs.  However, with new ULEV models  being launched and improving technology, I am confident that it is a realistic target.” 

Added: 03 August 2017

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