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Innovative student project backed by JCT600

Four engineering students from the University of Leeds have been handed some industry backing from one of the UK’s largest motor retailers as they embark on a ground-breaking automotive project.

JCT600 have given their backing to the project, which aims to build a device to solve a problem many motorists will have faced at some point – changing a wheel at the roadside after suffering a puncture.

The project is backed and sponsored by Leeds-based Quality Bearings Online, and motor retailer JCT600 have provided a test vehicle to allow the students to gain crucial insights into the practicalities of building the device.

Ben Mills, Group Aftersales Manager for JCT600, said: “This is a really interesting project, and one we’re delighted to be a part of. The students have definitely got their work cut out, but if they pull it off, they might just solve one of the perennial motoring problems.

“Any one of us can suffer a puncture, and it rarely happens at a time and place that’s convenient, so having a helping hand from a portable device sounds like a great idea to me.”

Denny Maude, Quality Bearings Online Director, added: “Challenge and change has been at the heart of our business success, changing the way companies buy bearings in over 110 countries worldwide. We want students to experience the same challenges, confronting everyday problems with innovative solutions. After all, these are the employees and inventors of tomorrow.”

The project is slated for completion in mid-2019, with a final test scheduled for June. For more information, visit

Added: 24 April 2019

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