We continue to be open and available for appointments.
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We continue to be open and available for appointments, including dealerships in Tier 2 and Tier 3 affected areas. Please click here for more information on how we're staying safe.

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Tyres at JCT600

We work with the world’s best tyre manufacturers to make sure you get the best products for your vehicle at the best price!

We’re the experts in looking after your vehicle

You don’t need to have bought your vehicle from JCT600 to be a part of the family. Experience expert servicing done right at one of 52 locations.


How do I know which tyres my vehicle needs?

Simply enter your registration into our online tool to find the right tyres for your vehicle!

How often should I expect to change tyres?

This varies depending on your vehicle and the way you drive. Have a look at our Blog Post

When will I know when my tyres need changing?

You should check your tyres regularly, making sure there are no cracks or bulges. We also recommend having at least 3mm of tread left for best performance, though the legal limit is 1.6mm.

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