Our doors are back open safely. We're ready when you are. Click here for more info.

Our doors are back open safely. We're ready when you are. Click here for more info.

JCT600 and Me


At JCT600, respect is, and has always been, one of our core values. For us, this is simple, and means that all of our colleagues should be respected as individuals and for who they are. We treat everyone at JCT600 equally and with respect, both during recruitment and throughout our colleagues' working lives with us.

Each colleague at JCT600 has a role in creating a culture of trust and respect that promotes a happy, positive working environment. This means being fair, kind and courteous in everything we do. We do not have a 'mould' and we are curious about what every single person can bring to our Company.

But as a business, and as an industry, we know we could always be doing even better. That’s why we’re committed to supporting causes that allow colleagues in JCT600 and our industry to be the best they can be, like the UK Automotive 30% club and Ben.

We are committed to recruiting the most talented, passionate people we can find.

What do you bring to JCT600?

The best teams are usually diverse – a mix of perspectives means a wider range of knowledge and experience, helping us solve problems better and continually evolve.

We want to recruit the best person for each role based on individual strengths, skills and personality. We recruit for what you bring to our company - you'll be valued for being you!

There's also no such thing as a 'typical' JCT600 customer – our customers are individuals too. Building teams that reflect the diversity of the people we serve is key to creating better customer experiences now and in the future.

What’s it like working at JCT600?

You might be wondering how well you’d be suited to the world of automotive. If you share our core values of teamwork, respect and open communication, you’ll fit right in.

We invest heavily in mentoring, training and development for our colleagues, we’re actively involved in charity and community work, and we believe in building an open culture based on honest communication, mutual respect, and a shared passion for being both the Best Place to Work and the Best Place to Shop.

When it comes to our culture, we are open to new ideas and celebrating success when we can. We take a no nonsense, zero tolerance approach to poor behavior. The standards of behavior expected from all of our colleagues at JCT600 are clear and we will simply not accept any form of discrimination toward our customers, colleagues or suppliers.

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