When Does My Car Need a service?

Not sure how often you need to get your car serviced, or when your next service is due? We’ve put together a quick overview to help you understand the basics.

Many newer cars now have self-diagnostic features and if warning signs come on, they shouldn’t be ignored, as it is better to sort any issues sooner rather than later. Dependent on your make and model a service can now take anything from 1 to 4 hours. To make this more convenient for our customers we also offer a replacement vehicle or a collection delivery service*.

Service Intervals

Most modern cars have an indicator to let you know when your next service is due, and hopefully you’ll have a service book too, but other signs that you should be getting your car looked at include:

  • The yellow engine warning light has appeared
  • Your car is making unusual noises
  • Your brakes pull or pulsate when engaged

If in doubt, the safest thing to do is book a service with a trusted local garage.

It’s also a good idea to set a recurring reminder on your phone so you know when each routine 12-month service is due.

If you’re a JCT600 customer, we’ll let you know in plenty of time that your service is due. If you didn’t buy your car from us, we can also advise you on which service is due if we have your vehicle’s history in our records – that means you’ll get an accurate quote and your car will get the correct work done.

What to bring when you have your vehicle serviced?

It’s increasingly common now for vehicles to have an electronic service history built in, so this information can never be removed or lost.

If your vehicle doesn’t have this technology, then we would always recommend bringing the service book with you if this isn’t in your vehicle already. Don’t worry though – if you forget to bring it, we keep the information on record and we can always update this for you later.

You can book your next service here, or contact a dealership near you to discuss.

We also have a range of service offers that could save you money.

At JCT600 we also offer free vehicle health checks upon request. Simply call into your nearest dealership and speak to a member of the service team. During the health check, our technicians will ensure your brakes, fluid levels and tyres are legal and safe.

*Loan Vehicles and the Collection/Delivery Service is a chargeable service

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