What is an MOT test? And what happens when you MOT with JCT600?

As one of the UK’s largest motor retailers, we have more than 50 locations across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, and the North East. That means that when it’s time to MOT or service your vehicle, you’re never too far from a JCT600 service centre.

So why choose JCT600? Well, we’ve been in this business since 1946, and during those 75 years we’ve learned a thing or two about finding the right cars for the right people, as well as how to provide first-class aftersales service when our customers bring their vehicle to us for any care or maintenance it requires.

But you don’t need to have bought your car or van from us to be a part of the JCT600 family, nor do you need to drive a vehicle from one of the brands we represent. Vehicles of almost all shapes and sizes are welcome – although we might not be able to help the HGV drivers out there!

MOT-ing with JCT600

MOT-ing your vehicle with JCT600 really is supremely easy and super safe, from the very first contact you make, to when you pick your car or van up after its test.

Booking your MOT

You can request a booking online, or by giving your local JCT600 retailer a call.

We’re appointment-only, which means that appointments are limited so it’s a good idea to book your MOT as soon as possible to avoid any issues. Remember, without a valid MOT certificate, your vehicle insurance may be invalidated.

It’s also useful to remember that you can actually present your vehicle for its test up to one month before the expiry of its current certificate, while still preserving that existing expiry date.

For example, if your vehicle’s MOT certificate expires on the 15th August, you could bring it for its test from the 15th July and still have its next certificate expire on the 15th August the following year. It’s always good to be prepared!

Attending your MOT appointment

You’ll receive a pre-appointment call from a member of our team, just to make sure we have all the right details, and to confirm the date and time of your appointment.

When you arrive, just park in the designated customer parking area, and head for the showroom.

You’ll notice we have some additional signage in place, just reminding you to wear a mask when you enter the showroom, as well as showing you where to go once you’re in.

To find the Service department, just follow the stickered Service route laid out on the floor, or check in with the dealership reception – they’ll let you know where to go next!

Our friendly Service Advisors will greet you from their desk, which has been fitted with a desk screen to help keep you and our colleague safe. Key drop is totally contactless, of course, and your Service Advisor will talk you through the process.

Because of the current Government restrictions, you won’t be able to wait for your vehicle inside the dealership, like you might’ve done in the past, so we’ll tell you how long we’ll need your car or van, and when you can expect to collect it.

What happens when your vehicle is MOT’d?

What exactly is an MOT test? Well, it’s an annual roadworthiness test, which every vehicle must undergo once it reaches its third birthday, and then every year after that.

It’s a legal requirement set out by the Ministry of Transport [top trivia – ‘MOT’ actually stands for ‘Ministry of Transport’!], and it’s a way to make sure that every vehicle on UK roads meets a minimum level of safety and environmental standards.

The test itself involves a large number of checks, and the tester will look at aspects like your vehicle’s brakes, tyres and fuel system, as well as its lights, mirrors, seatbelts, windscreen wipers, and exhaust.

If something doesn’t meet the minimum standard required to pass, we’ll let you know what needs addressing before we’ll be able to issue your vehicle with a pass. That might mean a second test, but we’ll make it really clear to you before proceeding.

How long does the MOT test take?

You can expect an MOT test to take about an hour, on the basis there are no issues and your vehicle passes first time.

If your car or van requires any attention or repairs, the time we’ll be working on your vehicle will be longer, but we’ll keep you well informed.

Collecting your vehicle after its MOT

We’ll let you know once your vehicle has passed its test, and we’ll give you an idea of when you’ll be able to collect it. At the moment, we’re carrying out a few additional cleaning and sanitisation processes before returning vehicles to their owners, so it might take us a little bit longer to get your vehicle ready.

Once you arrive to collect it, though, you’ll head straight for the Service department and let a member of the team know you’ve arrived. They’ll return your keys to you after sanitising them too, and with zero physical contact.

Your Service Advisor will then talk you through any work we’ve done as well as your invoice, before taking payment.

Payment can be made using all the usual methods, or you can also choose to take advantage of our flexible, interest-free monthly payment options, which help you to spread out the cost of keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Finally, your Service Advisor will let you know whereabouts your vehicle is parked, and you’ll collect it from its parking spot. It’s as simple as that!

Ready to book your vehicle in for its MOT test? Secure your appointment with JCT600 today!

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