10 mind-blowing photos of the new Volkswagen Arteon by blind photographer Pete Eckert

We just had to share these incredible images, which have been created by blind photographer Pete Eckert for Volkswagen’s latest campaign.

To mark the release of the new four-door fastback Arteon, Volkswagen’s advertising agency Grabarz & Partner commissioned Eckert to create a series of “light paintings” using his own unique approach.

Having lost his sight several years ago, the photographer uses “sound, touch and memory” to create his images – and the results, as you can see, are pretty astonishing:

To create the photos, Eckert started by exploring the car with his hands, feeling and tapping to get a sense of its shape and form before photographing it in darkness with a long-exposure camera. He then moved around the Arteon with a series of coloured lights to create the vivid, kinetic-feeling ‘halo’ of colour that you can see in the finished photos.

Want to know more? You can watch a ‘making of’ video that shows how Eckert’s creative process works below:

Source: VW Arteon microsite

All of JCT600’s Volkswagen dealerships will have the Arteon available for demo from September onwards – contact your local dealership for more information.

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