What if Volkswagen made a coffee machine?

Whether you enjoy it plain, hot, cold or boosted with an extra shot, there’s no denying our growing thirst for a cup of joe; coffee is the world’s most popular drink, with two billion cups consumed every single day.

We love a good cup of java at JCT600, and we have bean-to-cup machines in all of our dealerships so customers can enjoy a complimentary coffee when they visit.

JCT600 car dealership - coffee machine

On the high street, British coffee drinkers have started to distance themselves from the biggest chains in favour of artisan alternatives. And as our national coffee culture matures, people are also upgrading their kitchens so they can experiment with interesting beans and brews at home.

For coffee connoisseurs looking for a barista-quality cup at home, a good coffee machine is a must. As peak shopping season approaches, we couldn’t help wondering what it would look like if one of our best-loved car brands designed one themselves.

So, we teamed up with industrial designer Jarim Koo to create a Volkswagen coffee machine concept.

Introducing the VW ‘Barista Beetle’

Klauss Bischoff – Volkswagen’s Head of Design – describes the brand’s design philosophy in 3 words: “Simple, sophisticated, and different.”

We tasked Koo with embodying the brand’s unique image, reputation and style, whilst maintaining the core features of a great product.

Volkswagen 'Barista Beetle' - Front on

A capsule espresso machine for the home or office, Koo’s design is inspired by the iconic Volkswagen Beetle; its personality is instantly recognisable to any VW owner.

The Volkswagen concept coffee machine's curved design

VW 'Barista Beetle' - side profile

A unique identity

The shape of the product was an interpretation of the coupe-style loop line, frameless door and the alloy wheel that followed the curved slope of the Beetle side. The concept comes in three vibrant and dynamic colours, injecting life into any modern interior. This gives the customer the flexibility of choosing a model that complements their interior ambience.

The Volkswagen 'Barista Beetle' in multiple colours

Balancing form and function

The sliding wing cover was designed to be able to slide in both directions. Moving the sliding cover to the right allows you to insert a coffee capsule.

VW coffee machine's sliding cover

By moving the sliding cover to the left, you can easily fill the water in the built-in water tank.

Volkswagen coffee machine - capsule feature

Simple, sophisticated, different (and intuitive)

The ‘Barista Beetle’ is designed to hide as much complexity as possible; particularly the capsule container and the water container, which are positioned on the rear side. Its flexible design enables the body to be easily rotated, so users can access the rear-positioned elements.

The rear side of the VW 'Barista Beetle'

Customise your cup size

You can choose from four different cup sizes including ristretto, espresso, lungo and americano. The magnetic module cup- support can be moved according to the size of the cup.

It also allows users to extract hot water separately (at a range of different temperatures) so any ‘Barista Beetle’ owner can enjoy a completely customised coffee.

Volkswagen coffee machine in action

Convenience of control

The ‘Barista Beetle’ concept has built-in Bluetooth functionality that allows you to easily set up an automated process, by controlling the amount of water and temperature when connecting to the ‘Barista Beetle’ app.

VW coffee machine close up

Volkswagen coffee machine's chrome detail

Paying tribute to an icon of automotive design

The ‘Barista Beetle’ has inherited and developed the unique classic sensibility of the Beetle car, with its curved shape, primary body colour and chrome detail.

The chrome detailing on the VW 'Barista Beetle'

We hope you’ve enjoyed this car/coffee machine mash-up, and can only apologise that this beautiful piece of design won’t be available to buy any time soon.

However, if you’re looking to buy a used Volkswagen Beetle – we have a few of those for sale!

***The ‘Barista Beetle’ is only a concept, and has not be produced in association with Volkswagen.***

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