The Tordoff Collection – McLaren P1

One for all our hypercar enthusiasts! The Tordoff Collection recently showcased the rare McLaren P1: one of the most potent hypercars ever made.

The McLaren P1 has now been sold, however, we are always updating our stock at The Tordoff Collection, take a look, here.

If its predecessor, the iconic McLaren F1, redefined the concept of the supercar in 1993, this spiritual successor raised the bar to a whole new level 20 years later. The McLaren P1 is a stunning piece of automotive technology and has the same aerodynamic consideration as an aircraft or Formula 1 car. There are no gimmicks or pointless features added to this hybrid though – just an honest commitment to Mark Robert’s design belief that ‘anything is possible’. Quite simply, it is purposeful and fast.

The McLaren P1 debuted at the 2012 Paris Motor show. In 2013, when 375 units were exclusively produced, they sold within a month. Limited production cars do not skip vital testing though, and the P1 has been put through its paces in extreme climates such as the Arctic Circle and California’s Death Valley. It also attempted to meet the project target of the sub-seven-minute lap during test circuits on Germany’s Nurburgring Nordschleife. This comprehensive programme results in a versatile vehicle, capable of performing equally efficiently on the road or track. Chief Test Driver for McLaren Automotive, Chris Goodwin, claims that ‘it feels like a really fast super sports car on the road, but like a really good racing sports car on the track’, something he believes is entirely ground-breaking.

The facts are certainly impressive. The 3.8 litre V8 engine will transport the carbon fibre MonoCage from 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds, giving a staggering potential top speed of 217mph. Bodywork is ‘shrink-wrapped’ over the mechanical hard parts and the cockpit sits right at the centre, reducing frontal surface area and managing airflow into the engine’s roof snorkel. The active aerodynamics maximise downforce and reduce drag, while the RaceActive Chassis Control system gives unprecedented adjustability. The low, long rear deck is lean and the glass canopy enhances vital visibility.

The fine example was registered in 2015 and was immaculately presented in Kilo Grey, with Harissa Red leather and Alcantara interior. The steering wheel and seats were stitched in carbon black with a branded floor mat set included. It came complete with a stealth pack and stealth badge set, as well as having the sought-after P1 logo on the engine cover in body colour. Meridian 7-speaker surround sound system and navigation enhanced the driving experience, while vehicle tracking and parking sensors gave extra peace of mind. Many of the bespoke features in the P1 are thanks to MSO (McLaren Special Operations), who customised it in accordance with the requirements of the previous two owners and could also personalise this P1 to the tastes of its next custodian.

The McLaren P1 has been reviewed as ‘devastatingly fast’ and ‘a thing of beauty.’ We can do nothing but agree with the general consensus that it is one of the all-time greatest driver’s cars. Ultra-rare and massively desirable, this P1 will be the ultimate asset for any hypercar collector.

The McLaren P1 has been sold, however, we are always updating our stock at The Tordoff Collection, take a look, here.

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