Ultimate Vauxhall Quiz: See how many Vauxhall facts you can get right!

Are you a true Vauxhall enthusiast? We know that Vauxhall owners are passionate about their cars, and passionate about the brand, but there’s always more to learn. We’ve created a 13-question Vauxhall trivia quiz so you can test your knowledge and learn some new Vauxhall facts along the way.


Have a go below, and share your results on social media to let us know how you did!

Hungry for more Vauxhall facts? Here are 5 more!

  1. Alexander Wilson was the name of the man who created what is now Vauxhall Motors
  2. The Ellesmere Port plant builds approximately 680 Vauxhall Astras per day
  3. Vauxhall and its German sister brand Opel sell over one million vehicles annually
  4. A rare 1923 Vauxhall found in a shed was restored and sold at auction for £55, 200
  5. Vauxhall’s ‘Vivaro on Tour’ helps up-and-coming British acts go on tour by providing a free tour van.

If you haven’t already, give it a go. And don’t forget to share your result!

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