15 Things That Could Only Happen in Yorkshire

We’re probably a little biased of course, but we reckon that there are few regions in the country that have as strong a sense of identity, humour and community as Yorkshire… 

With this in mind, we took to social media to find out what kinds of things people think you’d only ever come across in ‘God’s own county’. From Bradford to Barnsley and Halifax to Hull, here are the pictures that Twitter and Instagram users say define their home county.

Let’s start with everyone’s favourite topic: food. There’s plenty of delicacies to enjoy in Yorkshire, from a glorious plateful of hearty breakfast grub, in a Yorkshire pudding, obviously…

… to a curious snack-time take on our traditional fave:

Need to try this. #Yorkshire #onlyinyorkshire #pudding #bar #yummy

A photo posted by Richard Simms (@simmsy1) on

And what beverage should you be drinking alongside all this? The standard answer is OBVIOUSLY tea…

…unless, of course, you fancy something a touch more exotic – why order ‘a Pina Colanda’ when you can have ‘a-Pie-on-a Lager’, eh?:

It seems that Yorkshire folk love nothing more than spending time with their four-legged friends, whether it’s taking their pets out for some exercise…

… temporarily halting their journey to let a family of geese get where they’re going…

… or grabbing a bite to eat – on horseback:

#funny #drivethrough #ridethrough #horses #onlyinyorkshire #McDonalds

A photo posted by Melanie Dunne (@milkmaid83) on

There’s some quality signage to be found dotted throughout the county too, from one bearing what must surely be the best street name in the whole of the UK…

Best street name ever #whipmawhopmagate #York #onlyinyorkshire

A photo posted by Emma (@bambikelsey) on

…to signs that tap into the local dialect, just to, you know, make sure they’re properly and fully understood:

Speaking of road going… Given that Yorkshire’s not exactly known for its non-stop sunshine, we’re not quite sure why this chap felt the need to create a DIY drop top (definitely don’t try this one at home):

Idiot from Swinton gets too hot and decides to create a DIY convertible. #OnlyInYorkshire 🙈🙈🙈🙈

A photo posted by Capital Yorkshire (@capitalyorks) on

And this van owner’s making sure all bases are covered when it comes to security:

But it’s not only about the silliness – we also found some fantastic images reminding us of the true Yorkshire spirit, like this one showcasing a very trusting car parking policy…


A photo posted by Laura Lewis (@laura_j_lewis) on

…this stunning scenery shot…

… and a picture that perfectly demonstrates that, even in the most difficult of circumstances, “it’ll be reet” if you just keep supping on that pint:

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