14 Things That Could Only Happen in Sheffield

With a proud sporting heritage, thriving music scene and a population of more than half a million, Sheffield’s become one of the UK’s largest and most loved cities.

As you’d expect, there are plenty of social media users talking about the quirks that make the Steel City stand out – we took to Twitter and Instagram to find out what they had to say.

It’s good to see that the shops in Sheffield are well stocked with a locally-grown favourite…

…and, look, there’s also plenty of giftware available too – perfect for the Henderson’s Relish lover in your life:

#milleniumgallery #sheffield #UK #hendos #hendersonsrelish #sheffieldshop #proud #relish #onlyinsheffield

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It’s a city where weary clubbers head home for a hearty brew…

… and everyone enjoys queuing for good chips:

Friday night queue for the chippy #onlyinsheffield

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Speaking of queues: keep your eyes peeled while you’re waiting and you might spot something a little unusual:

Even bananas love free cocktails #fallinlove #onlyinsheffield

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People have posted pictures of a restaurant sign with a very local twist…

It looks like the cars are bigger and better in Sheffield…

…but parking skills aren’t really up to scratch…

Classic parking 👍 #onlyinsheffield

A photo posted by Jenny Griffin (@jenny_jane2) on

… and there are also plenty of folk who prefer an alternative form of transport:

Racing trannie grannies #onlyinsheffield #weirdmomentoftheday #tranniegrannie #sheffield

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Sheffield’s got so much to offer visitors, from fantastic gig venues…

… and brilliant buildings…

…to eye-catching tram art…

Tram art is thing now #transportart #onlyinsheffield

A photo posted by Frances Grace (@littleamazon94) on

… and stunning public spaces:

Plus, as this very clever venture proves, the charitable people of this city are always keen to help others out:

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