Home Delivery and Order & Collect at JCT600

To make shopping with JCT600 safe for you and safe for our colleagues, we’ve introduced brand new contactless buying options for customers looking to buy a car right now.

As well as these new contactless buying options, we’ve also introduced even higher standards when it comes to cleaning and sanitising our vehicles and workplace.

Home Delivery and Order & Collect are available to all customers right now, and to arrange either, just speak to a member of our Sales team when you’re finalising the purchase of your new vehicle!

What is Home Delivery?

Home Delivery does exactly what is says on the tin. When you purchase your vehicle, just ask your Sales Executive about having it delivered to your home. They’ll be able to give you an idea of availability, and how quickly we could make the delivery.

To make Home Delivery available to as many customers as possible, the first 25 miles of every Home Delivery is totally free of charge. After that, there may be a small charge, but your Sales Executive will keep you informed every step of the way.

We’ve invested in a fleet of transporter vehicles, too, so we won’t even add any miles to the vehicle you’ve purchased, and we’ll make sure it’s fully sanitised and cleaned before it starts the journey to your home.

One of our specialist delivery drivers will pick your new car or van up from the dealership, and deliver it all the way to your door. Every one of our delivery drivers is fully equipped with personal protective equipment, and will take every step to ensure that your vehicle is sanitised and cleaned to our incredibly high standards before you officially take delivery.

But how does the handover work? Once the delivery driver arrives at your home, they’ll unload the vehicle and move it to the exact location of your choosing, whether that’s on to your drive, a parking space, or somewhere else.

They’ll then remove the vehicle protective equipment that’s been fitted – things like seat and steering wheel covers – before thoroughly sanitising the driving controls and interior and exterior door handles. After that, they’ll clean and sanitise the car key, and place it inside a small key bag, before placing it on your new vehicle’s windscreen, and then stepping away. You’ll be asked to approach your vehicle and pick the keys up, and that’s it – the vehicle is yours!

What is Order & Collect?

Buying a car from JCT600 can now be totally paperless, and completely remote. That means you’ll purchase your car either by reserving it online and then finalising the process with one of our Sales Executives over the phone, or you’ll complete the full buying journey online. You can pay using your card, or arrange finance right there and then, without leaving our website!

We know some of our customers still value the experience of visiting the showroom to collect their new car, which is we’re still making collection available to those who prefer it.

You’ll make a timed appointment with a member of the Sales team at the dealership, and once you arrive, your vehicle collection will be completely contactless and paperless.

Your vehicle will have been prepared in advance, which means undergoing a full cleaning and sanitisation process before being secured with door stickers to make sure we don’t touch it again if we don’t need to.

Personal and vehicle protective equipment protects both you and our colleagues, and we’ll stick to social distancing at all times, with the help of desk screens, stickered floor routes, and showrooms that have plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Once we’ve handed over the keys [cleaned and sanitised too, of course], we’ll wave you off as you leave in your shiny new wheels.

Can I still part exchange my current vehicle?

Of course! Many of our customers wish to trade in their current vehicle as they upgrade to their new one, so we’ve made sure we’re able to take your part exchange vehicle in both Home Delivery and Order & Collect.

You can value your part exchange online, or alternatively, provide us with some detailed information about your vehicle, and some photos too. That’ll help us to give you a valuation for your vehicle, and help you to make the decision about your next purchase.

In the case of Home Delivery, we’ll do a short inspection of your current vehicle at your home when we drop off your new vehicle, just to make sure it matches up against the information you’ve provided in advance. Then we’ll take it away on the transporter once we’ve handed over your next vehicle!

For Order & Collect, we’ll also do a short inspection, but this time it’ll be at the dealership when you come to collect your new vehicle. Again, we’ll just double check the info you’ve provided is accurate.

Rest assured that our inspections will be socially distanced at all times, and whoever is carrying out the inspection will be wearing the necessary PPE throughout the process.

Wondering what else we’re doing to make our dealerships safe for customers and colleagues? Check out this post on how you can browse, try and buy with JCT600, all totally safe and totally contactless.

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