Introducing the electrifying Mercedes-Benz EQ range

As one of the world’s leading automotive brands, it’s no surprise that Mercedes-Benz are also one of the companies leading the charge into an electric future.

The company’s newly-formed EQ sub-brand represents electric mobility, but with Merc’s unique twist. Class-leading comfort, technology, and convenience define EQ, and the company’s EQ products promise to change your perspective on what driving electric can be.

Time to flip the switch

EQ represents intelligent electric mobility. The new sub-brand embodies Mercedes-Benz’s two key values: emotion and intelligence. The company’s leading-edge product is both innovative and exciting, with design that appeals, exceptional driving pleasure and the added advantage of everyday versatility, not to mention safety being a central part of every model.

Power up! The benefits of driving electric

Lower running costs. Did you know that running an electric car could save you up to a third a comparable diesel or petrol vehicle?

Unique driving experience. Electric offers an individual, uniquely exciting driving experience, with instant power and impressive on-road dynamics.

Lower road tax. Electric vehicles – and therefore EQ models – produce low or zero emissions, making road tax lower, and keeping your overall running cost down.

Cleaner vehicle discount. Vehicles which have a minimum emission-free range of 20 miles, emit less than 75g/km of Co2 and meet euro 6 standards qualify for the 100% cleaner vehicle discount within Congestion Charge zones

Reduced tailpipe emissions. No harmful exhaust gasses help to make cities a cleaner, more enjoyable place to live.

Business benefits. Electric cars offer compelling benefits to businesses and employees, thanks to favourable tax rates and surprisingly affordable leasing costs.

For more on the benefits of Mercedes-Benz EQ, visit our dedicated page by clicking here.

Electric for every occasion

A city companion, a roadtrip partner, or a family workhorse – the Mercedes-Benz EQ range offers an electric vehicle to suit every event.

From comfortably seating the whole family in the EQV, to the dynamic yet luxurious EQC, to the urban flexibility of the smart EQ fortwo, every model has the added benefit of zero local emissions.

We’ve rounded up some of the range right here for you, so get a taste for electric and EQ by reading on!

If you’re ready to view the full range, including the EQ Power and Boost models, you can click here.

EQV 300

Range: 213 Miles

Charging time (DC): 45 minutes

From 10 to 80 % at a rapid charging station with up to 110 kW

Battery capacity: 90kwh

Combined CO₂ emissions: 0 g/km

For more information and the latest news on the EQV click here.


Range: 259 Miles

Charging time (DC): 40 minutes

Charging time at rapid charging stations

Battery capacity: 8kwh

Combined CO₂ emissions: 0g/km

Discover more on the EQC here.

smart EQ fortwo edition one

Range: 91 Miles

Charging time (DC): 240minutes

Battery capacity: 16.7 kwh

Combined CO₂ emissions: 0 g/km

The best of both worlds with EQ Power

If you want the best of both worlds – and let’s face it, a lot of drivers do – then the EQ Power models might well be the option for you, pairing a highly efficient combustion engine with an electric motor. Offering all-electric drive with zero local emissions while in the city, and traditional engine power on longer journeys, it’s hard to refuse! Explore some of the hybrid EQ models below…

A 250 e

Range: 44 Miles, all electric

Charging time (DC): 2-3 hours

Battery capacity: 10.9kwh

Combined CO₂ emissions: 32 g/km

C 300 de

Range: 57 Miles, all electric

Charging time (DC): 2 hours (7.4kW home charge point)

Battery capacity: 13.5kwh

Combined CO₂ emissions: 42 g/km

Power up on the go, with EQ Boost

And for those who don’t want to plug-in, you can power up on the go with the EQ Boost range. With a broad range of models to suit lots of different needs, a vehicle with a mild hybrid system might well be your ideal compromise between traditional motoring and efficiency.

The EQ Boost technology features a 48-volt integrated starter motor, whilst paired with a combustion engine. That means better acceleration, lower emissions and improved efficiency.

The 48-volt system has dual purpose, acting as both a starter motor and a hybrid assist motor, and it doesn’t require you to plug in to charge; the intuitive system recuperates energy from braking and decelerating.

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Not sure if electric is right for you?

Find out how an electric vehicle could fit into your lifestyle with the EQ Ready app. Simply download the app and drive as normal in your current vehicle, and the app will track your daily routes, analysing things like your driving style. It’ll then give you an idea of how EV-ready you are!

Click here to download from the Apple App Store, or here to download from the Google Play Store.

Alternatively, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you decide if an EQ vehicle if right for you!

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