Land Rover Quiz: How much do you really know about this iconic British brand?

If there’s one thing that most people know about Land Rover, it’s that they’re the go-to brand for luxury 4x4s. However, there’s a rich history behind Land Rover that only the most avid of fans will know about – plus plenty of exciting projects in the pipeline, too.

Want to test your knowledge of Land Rover trivia? Take our quiz below to see if you’re a true superfan. Once you’re done, make sure you share your results on social media to challenge your friends and family!

If you still need to up your knowledge on Land Rover, then check out these fun facts…

  • From Defenders to Discovery vehicles, modified Land Rovers were the cars of choice for over 18 years for the Camel Trophy – one of the world’s most adventurous motor competitions
  • The second ever Range Rover actually had six wheels and was converted into an airport fire truck
  • Land Rover helped their customers to avoid paying taxes by designing their Defender 110 with 12 seats. Technically, this qualified the vehicle as a bus, therefore allowing customers to be exempt from heavy tax
  • Land Rover don’t just dabble with cars – they’ve also expanded into bicycle, pushchair and coffee manufacturing

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