The 5 coolest unofficial Jaguar concepts from designers around the world

Since 1935, Jaguar has been a byword for inspirational design, and a badge of British manufacturing pride.

The E-TYPE, launched in 1961, was described by Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car ever made.”

In that era, Jaguar was known for ‘Grace, Space, Pace’ – “a special kind of motoring which no other car in the world can offer.”

Jaguar - grace, space, pace advert
Source: Silodrome

Innovation remains core to Jaguar’s DNA, and next year they’re set to bring back the E-TYPE as an electric car based on the original 1960s design (rumoured prices from £850k).

For a taste of what else is on the horizon, Jaguar’s official concept cars page is a good place to start. But what happens when you let other designers loose to come up with their own futuristic Jaguar car concepts? 

Here, we take a closer look at 5 of the coolest we’ve found…

Jaguar ‘Consul’ concept

This autonomous vehicle concept takes inspiration from the E-TYPE, with a design intended to maximise interior space and passenger privacy. The final render on a rainy city street is pretty convincing – we’d certainly love to take it for a spin.

Jaguar Consul concept sketches
Jaguar Consul concept render
Jaguar Consul concept render with people
Jaguar Consul concept render on city street

Designer: Hanchang LIU and team – Transportation Design student at ISD-Rubika, France.

Source: Behance

Jaguar ‘C-XJS’ concept

This design is described as a modern reinterpretation of the super-rare Jaguar XJ220S – a modern hypercar concept, sketched in striking 80s neon tones.

Jaguar ‘C-XJS’ concept sketches
Jaguar ‘C-XJS’ concept render
Jaguar ‘C-XJS’ concept render - side view

Designer: Youki Kotani – Automotive and Transport Design student at Coventry University, UK

Source: Behance

Jaguar ‘Naked’ concept

This bold, sci-fi inspired design imagines what a Jaguar might look like in 2035. The car features an electric motor, and 3D-printed ‘space frame’. Batman wouldn’t look out of place in one of these. 

Jaguar Naked concept sketches
Jaguar Naked concept sketches and render
Jaguar Naked concept final render

Designer: Team Naked, Brazil

Source: Behance

Jaguar ‘Envision XK’ concept

The Brazilian team behind this have adapted the recognisable XK design, introducing elements from later models including the CX-75 and F-TYPE.

Jaguar ‘Envision XK’ concept render with mountains in background
Jaguar ‘Envision XK’ concept render - silver
Jaguar ‘Envision XK’ concept render - yellow

Designer: Jenn Mueng – Designer, Menlo Park, California, USA

Source: Behance

Jaguar ‘Out of This World’ concept

We’re not too sure what to say about this one, as the designer didn’t provide any commentary, but what’s not to like about a chromed-out Jaguar parked up on a surreal alien landscape. As an intrepid interplanetary explorer from the future, what more could you want?

Jaguar 'Out of This World' concept in alien landscape

Designer: Pavel Protsenko – Post-Production Designer at Positive Pictures Production, Kyiv, Ukraine

Source: Behance

So now you’ve seen 5 of the coolest unofficial Jaguar concepts the Internet has to offer, why not check out some our entirely real Jaguar cars for sale? For one of their more futuristic models, take a look at the electric Jaguar I-PACE models we have in stock.

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