27 Funny Number Plates from Around the World

We recently spent a bit of time searching Instagram for the funniest number plates that motorists from around the world have attached to their beloved cars.

The results are pretty much guaranteed to make you giggle…

From the US to Yorkshire, a friendly number plate is always nice to see

And who doesn’t love to see a driver who loves their food?!

Some of the simplest are sure to make you smile

Spreading positive vibes is great, but some motorists are looking out for number one

We spotted a few pretty confrontational examples of car customisation

Some have decided to immortalise their bad moods in licence-plate form

Whilst others exhibit a more excitable temperament

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There are pop culture references, from Toy Story to Shakespeare

And ‘professionals’ keen to make a statement

Just don’t turn up to a job interview with a plate like this…

And maybe don’t hire someone purely based on this…

Some number plates just defy any sort of logical analysis

If you made it this far – well done. Why not make yourself a brew? You’ve…

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