Five reasons we love cars

It’ll come as no surprise to you that we think cars are great. In fact, you might even say we love them.

We’ve come up with five things that we think summarise our love and affection for cars best.

What do you think? Have we hit the nail on the head? Or do you love your four-wheeled machine for another reason?

Expression of your personality

A car is so much more than a material possession. So much more than a status symbol. So much more than a mode of transportation. Wouldn’t you agree?

The biggest translation of your personality is usually the colour you choose. Trendy and hip? Go for a copper brown. Love being seen at all times? Best pick orange! Prefer to be understated and blend in? Black it is then.

But the sort of car you choose says a lot about you too. Whether it’s a super-comfy luxury SUV that glides along as if on air, or a nippy hot hatch to carve those country lanes, there’s absolutely no wrong answer.

Comfort and convenience

Number one reason any of us own a car? Yeah, probably.

There’s no getting away from the fact that having a car means you don’t have to rely on public transport. No more being governed by timetables, and no more getting off to a bad start if there’s no spare seat on the train that morning.

Jump in your car outside your front door, drive to your destination, and get out. What a wonderful invention.

Sure, it might be fraction more expensive to run and fuel a car, but that’s just the price we pay, isn’t it?

Enjoyment of driving

Something that’s often forgotten in the conversation around cars is that many people drive not only for necessity, but for enjoyment too.

Driving’s a skill, broadly speaking, and just like any other skill, some people enjoy practising and honing that skill – safely and responsibly of course!

So whether it’s taking your convertible out on a sunny evening for a drive round the countryside, or taking the long way home from work, there’s driving pleasure to be had whenever and wherever the mood takes you.

Shared experience

Cars have multiple seats for a really good reason. It’s so that other people can join you on your journey!

There’s not much better than a good roadtrip with a few of your closest friends, or maybe just your significant other. Snacks in the glovebox, suitcase in the boot, tunes on the stereo.

A truly iconic trio.


There’s some overlap here, but the idea of ‘freedom’ covers many of the smaller reasons we love cars.

Everyone likes to be independent, and having a car gives you the opportunity to go where you want, when you want.

It’s more than just convenience, though. It’s a perk of the modern world that we have access to means of transportation that turns cross-country travel into a question of hours, rather than days.

The advantage of a car over, say, a train is that your journey can be door-to-door, in your own time and on your own terms. Totally freeing.

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