Ex Demo Cars Explained

In this guide, we explain what an ex demo car is and what you need to know before you make a purchase.

What is an ex demo car?

An ex demo (short for demonstrator) is a car used as a display model in a dealership showroom or by management staff.

Display models may have been used for customer test drives, accompanied by a member of staff. Management staff may also use a demo car for business and personal use until sold to a customer.

In either scenario, the car will be kept in the best condition and will have very few miles on the clock, so it will be like a new car but sold for a discounted price.

Benefits of buying an ex demo car

1. It will be kept in the best condition

2. It will have lower mileage than a used car

3. If used as a display model, it will have no previous owners

4. It will most likely have a higher specification – dealerships want to showcase the best car models so ex demo cars generally have higher specs included

5. You will get great discount on a car that is nearly new


1. Check if the car has been registered with a previous owner and if so, make sure you get the V5C certificate

2. Check the mileage against the age of the car, and question the dealership as to why this is if it is higher than expected

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