Yorkshire Days Out: 7 of the Best in 2019

Looking for a great day out in Yorkshire? We’ve pulled together seven essential places to visit, with options for all weather!

With rural beauty, rich heritage, vibrant cities, and the best people, it’s not difficult to see why Yorkshire folk are so proud of their county. It’s also a place that’s home to sporting greats such as Jess Ennis-Hill and the Brownlee brothers, as well as acting giants Dame Judi Dench and Sir Patrick Stewart. Oh, and food icons such as Wensleydale Cheese and Betty’s Fat Rascal.

The list of things that makes Yorkshire great is pretty long, but as a company proud of its Yorkshire roots, we would say that wouldn’t we? Check out one of our must-see sights, or another one of the region’s countless attractions, and judge for yourself…

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The 5 coolest unofficial Jaguar concepts from designers around the world

Since 1935, Jaguar has been a byword for inspirational design, and a badge of British manufacturing pride.

The E-TYPE, launched in 1961, was described by Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car ever made.”

In that era, Jaguar was known for ‘Grace, Space, Pace’ – “a special kind of motoring which no other car in the world can offer.”

Jaguar - grace, space, pace advert
Source: Silodrome

Innovation remains core to Jaguar’s DNA, and next year they’re set to bring back the E-TYPE as an electric car based on the original 1960s design (rumoured prices from £850k).

For a taste of what else is on the horizon, Jaguar’s official concept cars page is a good place to start. But what happens when you let other designers loose to come up with their own futuristic Jaguar car concepts? 

Here, we take a closer look at 5 of the coolest we’ve found…

Jaguar ‘Consul’ concept

This autonomous vehicle concept takes inspiration from the E-TYPE, with a design intended to maximise interior space and passenger privacy. The final render on a rainy city street is pretty convincing – we’d certainly love to take it for a spin.

Jaguar Consul concept sketches
Jaguar Consul concept render
Jaguar Consul concept render with people
Jaguar Consul concept render on city street

Designer: Hanchang LIU and team – Transportation Design student at ISD-Rubika, France.

Source: Behance

Jaguar ‘C-XJS’ concept

This design is described as a modern reinterpretation of the super-rare Jaguar XJ220S – a modern hypercar concept, sketched in striking 80s neon tones.

Jaguar ‘C-XJS’ concept sketches
Jaguar ‘C-XJS’ concept render
Jaguar ‘C-XJS’ concept render - side view

Designer: Youki Kotani – Automotive and Transport Design student at Coventry University, UK

Source: Behance

Jaguar ‘Naked’ concept

This bold, sci-fi inspired design imagines what a Jaguar might look like in 2035. The car features an electric motor, and 3D-printed ‘space frame’. Batman wouldn’t look out of place in one of these. 

Jaguar Naked concept sketches
Jaguar Naked concept sketches and render
Jaguar Naked concept final render

Designer: Team Naked, Brazil

Source: Behance

Jaguar ‘Envision XK’ concept

The Brazilian team behind this have adapted the recognisable XK design, introducing elements from later models including the CX-75 and F-TYPE.

Jaguar ‘Envision XK’ concept render with mountains in background
Jaguar ‘Envision XK’ concept render - silver
Jaguar ‘Envision XK’ concept render - yellow

Designer: Jenn Mueng – Designer, Menlo Park, California, USA

Source: Behance

Jaguar ‘Out of This World’ concept

We’re not too sure what to say about this one, as the designer didn’t provide any commentary, but what’s not to like about a chromed-out Jaguar parked up on a surreal alien landscape. As an intrepid interplanetary explorer from the future, what more could you want?

Jaguar 'Out of This World' concept in alien landscape

Designer: Pavel Protsenko – Post-Production Designer at Positive Pictures Production, Kyiv, Ukraine

Source: Behance

So now you’ve seen 5 of the coolest unofficial Jaguar concepts the Internet has to offer, why not check out some our entirely real Jaguar cars for sale? For one of their more futuristic models, take a look at the electric Jaguar I-PACE models we have in stock.

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