The Tordoff Collection – Lamborghini Countach

When the team at The Tordoff Collection discovered the newest addition would be a Lamborghini Countach, the only word they uttered was ‘wow’ or, ‘Countach’. The car is named after this popular Italian slang phrase and now we know why. Idolized by many during the 80’s and being the ‘it car’ poster of many, the Countach is iconic in design now as it was when created.

Launched at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show as the Lamborghini LP500 Concept Car and having been built in S.Agata Bolognese, this supercar was designed by Marcello Gandini of Italian Design House Bertone. Gandini’s design was altered with the evolution of the car however, the infamous scissor doors remained having first appeared on the Alfa Romeo 33 ‘Carabo’ concept car in 1968 which he also designed. Hinged at the front with horizontal hinges which lift up and tilt forward, conventional doors were never going to be an option on this design. They complemented Gandini’s desire for innovative design and these ‘Lambo doors’ are as synonymous with the brand as their bullfighting logo.

Gandini wasn’t known for his practical design of cars. The car’s shape is wide and long and made almost entirely of flat, trapezoidal panels, the Countach design pioneered and popularized the sharply angled ‘Italian wedge’ design language which is still greatly appreciated in today’s designs and complemented in the exterior black finish. The boxy aggressive design replaced the Miura and began the more modern styling of the brand we know today and remains a true illustration of 80’s futuristic design.

Our Lamborghini Countach is one of 2049 created and one of 36 RHD ever produce. The rear mid-engine V12 5-speed manual sports car will transport you from 0-60mph in 5.60 seconds. With the engine pointing backward for better weight distribution, this is a car you step on the gas for and is still just as powerful as a wide range of today’s modern Supercars. Valentino Balboni, ones of Lamborghini’s test driver for over 40years, describes the drive of the car as an emotion. ‘The car talks to you, you need to understand it and dance with the car’s steering. The emotion never goes away.’

As with any classic supercar, this car has been loved in its 35years of life. Having moved from Italy to Cyprus then to the UK, the car has a full service history and in 2016 was sent to Valentino Balboni in Italy for a major service including a new clutch and tyres and returned with a letter confirming its originality and superb condition. Its engine rebuilt in 2018 was photographically detailed. As good examples of the car become more difficult to find, so prices rise. Investing in a Countach could turn out to be a very wise move, however, the emotional investment will always outweigh its value.

The Countach was featured in the 1981 movie, The Cannonball Run, and is one of the most replicated cars to date.

Lamborghini Countach 500S


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