4 Types of Plug-In Vehicles Explained

As plug-in vehicles get more popular, manufacturers are continually striving for the latest and greatest technology, which means things change pretty fast, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up! Get ready for a raft of acronyms as we look at four different types of plug-in vehicle currently on the market.

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Electric Car Charging Explained

If you own an electric car or you’re thinking of buying one, you might be wondering about the best way to charge it up.  In this post, we’ve covered some of the common questions people have around charging electric vehicles (EVs), and provided example charging times for a range of plug-in cars.

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The 14 Best Luxury Cars You Can Buy in 2019

The latest luxury cars offer an irresistible combination of comfort, cutting-edge tech, speed and style – so there’s never been a better time to get an upgrade.

Here’s our pick of the most luxurious cars you can buy in 2019, ordered by engine size.

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