Can you guess the car from its lights? [Quiz]

Want to test your car knowledge to the extreme? We’ve got just the quiz for you… 

Headlights and taillights aren’t typically a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a new car, but they often bring personality to a model in unexpected ways. 

We’ve pulled together an exclusive visual quiz to see if you know your Peugeot lights from your Aston Martin lights (and everything in between!) 

Once you’ve completed the quiz, scroll further down to discover more about the featured cars (oh — and no cheating!). 

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Featured models

Mercedes AMG GT 

From £96,000+ new 

The Mercedes-AMG range is recognised for pushing the boundaries of automotive design, with the AMG GT being no exception. All GTs boast a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine — perfect for petrolheads looking for a distinctive guttural sound. Appearance-wise, the GT looks like it belongs on the racetrack more than the streets, with its hefty radiator grille, powerdome bonnet and sporty cabin. 

View our current Mercedes-AMG GT cars for sale here. 

Jaguar F-TYPE 

From £54,000+ new 

Dramatic and muscular in appearance, the Jaguar F-TYPE two-seat sports car (available as a coupé and convertible) is best known for its powerful performance, luxurious interior and state-of-the-art technology. Its angular appearance is emphasised by the LED tail lights, which wrap around towards the wheel arches. 

The upgraded 2020 base version is equipped with a 296bhp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, whilst the next model in the range features a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine (producing 444bhp). Couple that with a Meridian audio system in the cabin and you’ve got yourself some remarkable acoustics inside and on the road. 

View our current Jaguar F-TYPE cars for sale here. 

Range Rover Velar 

From £44,000+ new 

Bridging the gap between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport in size, this streamlined SUV comes with four-wheel drive and Land Rover’s Terrain Response system as standard — but that’s just the starting point. 

With the choice of a 2.0-litre diesel engine in 180bhp and 240bhp outputs or a 2.0-litre petrol engine in 250bhp and 300bhp outputs, the Range Rover Velar is all about variety. Choose from the S, SE or HSE models, with the mid-range option boasting 360-degree Parking Aid and the latter option offering safety features including Blind Spot Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control. 

View our current Range Rover cars for sale here. 

Mazda CX-3 

From £19,000+ new 

Based on the Mazda 2 and a strong contender against the Nissan Juke, this compact SUV boasts sporty appeal whilst being the ideal car for families. If you opt for the 148bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine, then you’ll be driving one of the few small SUVs with four-wheel drive on the market.  

Although Mazda have currently ceased production of the CX-3, you can buy a used Mazda CX-3 from one of our dealerships. The halt on production is unlikely to last long, with rumours of an updated mild hybrid CX-3 coming onto the market in the future. 

Lotus Elise 

From £39,000+ new 

Around 25 years ago, the first Lotus Elise came onto the market, and it’s maintained its classic appeal ever since. Weighing only 900kg, it’s incredibly lightweight and svelte, having been built for turning corners and manoeuvring over bumps with great composure. 

The entry-level Elise Sport is more than capable, with a 1.6-litre engine producing 134bhp. However, if you’re looking for something with a little more ‘oomph’, then the Sport 220 features a 217bhp 1.8-litre engine and the Cup 250 a 243bhp 1.8-litre engine. 

As the renowned engineer Colin Chapman once said about race-car design, “simplify, then add lightness.” That’s what the Elise is all about. 

View our current Lotus Elise cars for sale here. 

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 

From £29,900+ new 

Packed with advanced safety features and robust in style, the seven-seater Shogun Sport is an SUV designed with high-performance and sophistication in mind. One of its most unique features is the elongated vertical taillights, which perfectly frame the sides of the boot door. 

With a powerful 2.4L diesel engine and advanced four-wheel drive system, the Shogun Sport tackles harsher terrain with ease. There’s the Shogun Sport 3 Auto, which boasts Trailer Stability and Hill Start Assist, whilst the Shogun Sport 4 Auto features Forward Collision Mitigation Technology and a 360-degree camera. 

View our current Mitsubishi Shogun Sport cars for sale here. 

Maserati GranTurismo 

From £81,700+ new 

Following on from the GranSport, this timeless four-seat coupé is all about supercar performance with elegance in abundance. Powered by a 4.7-litre V8 engine, the GranTurismo produces 460hp and 520Nm of torque — made even more impressive by the aggressive engine sound.  

Beyond performance features, the GranTurismo comes with a whole host of safety features, including Advanced Brake Assist to enhance stopping power in emergencies and Maserati Stability Program, which uses sensors to monitor driving status and maintain handling and grip. 

View our current Maserati GranTurismo cars for sale here. 

Mercedes-Benz A-Class 

From £25,800+ new 

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class range is all about diversity, with over 13 models available with the choice of hybrid, petrol or diesel. For zero-emissions driving, the A 250 e hatchback features a 1.33-litre four-cylinder engine, which produces an impressive 262hp combined with the 75kW of electric power.  

The Sport range provides additional comfort features like two-zone automatic climate control, with the Sport Executive featuring Active Parking Assist to help you find and maneuver into a parking space. For the ultimate in A-Class luxury, the likes of the A 35 4MATIC Premium Plus benefits from a panoramic sunroof, Traffic Sign Assist and an impressive Burmester surround sound system. 

View our current Mercedes A-Class cars for sale here. 

Peugeot 208 

From £16,000+ new 

The ideal city car, the Peugeot 208 has been overhauled to offer petrol, diesel and pure-electric powertrain options for all models. Boasting a sporty facade with distinctive clawed LED taillights, this supermini tops its petrol range with a 1.2-litre 128bhp automatic turbo engine. 

Entirely identical in looks, the electric e-208 will cost the same to run as the petrol version over four years. On top of its economical value, the car can be purchased with a panoramic sunroof. 

View our current Peugeot 208 cars for sale here. 

Mini Clubman 

From £21,900+ new 

As the largest Mini ever produced, the Mini Clubman is more utilitarian than its predecessors, making it the ideal family car. The double barn doors at the rear of the car pay homage to the sixties original, whilst the optional Union Jack tail lights add playful intrigue to this otherwise classic design. 

Starting with the Cooper Classic, the Clubman range features seven distinct models. The Cooper Sport boasts sports seats and John Cooper Works aerodynamic kit, whilst the sophisticated Cooper Executive model comes with a chrome-lined exterior and 18-inch alloy wheels. For the best driving experience, choose the John Cooper Works model, which comes with all-wheel drive, sports suspension and an automatic 2L 306hp petrol engine. 

View our current Mini Clubman cars for sale here.  

Porsche 911 

From £82,700+ new 

Dating back 56 years, the Porsche 911 is one of the most renowned luxury cars on the market and still retains its retro appeal. Referred to as the 992, the eighth generation of the 911 features only turbocharged engines, with a 3-litre twin-turbocharged flat-six 380bhp engine (phew) for the Carrera model and a similar spec 444bhp engine for the Carrera S. There are also two plug-in hybrid models planned, with the most impressive in the range producing over 600bhp. 

Inside the car, two-zone automatic climate control, an optional Burmester High-End Surround Sound System and virtual bird’s eye view for assisted parking add to the luxury appeal. The introduction of a full-width light bar on the rear of the 992 makes it even more distinctive. 

View our current Porsche 911 cars for sale here.  

Rolls-Royce Cullinan 

From £252,000+ new 

As Rolls-Royce’s first all-terrain SUV, the Cullinan is more than just the exemplar of luxury — it’s the first of its kind. Grand in size and performance, the Cullinan isn’t the most efficient of cars, but it certainly packs some impressive features. With a 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12 petrol engine, it delivers 563bhp and 850Nm of torque — despite its 2.6-tonne weight. It also features unique vertical taillights that add to its unique appeal. 

The overstated luxury continues with the inclusion of a Bespoke Viewing Suite — a hidden compartment in the luggage boot that deploys two leather seats and a cocktail table for enjoying views. 

View our current Rolls-Royce Cullinan cars for sale here.  

Audi A7 

From £47,900+ new 

Immaculate attention to detail defines the Audi A7 through and through, with the animated taillight bar alone housing 292 LEDs. Now onto the second generation of the Sportback, this muscular luxury saloon is available with a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine producing 335bhp, plus a 198bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel version. 

Newly introduced is a 48V primary electrical system, which allows the engine to adopt mild-hybrid capabilities between 34-99mph. This reduces fuel consumption by 0.7 litres per 100km. 

View our current Audi A7 cars for sale here.  

Aston Martin Vantage 

From £120,900+ new 

Fierce in appearance, this sleek two-seat coupé certainly stands out when it comes to performance and aesthetics. Featuring a turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine, it produces 503bhp and is exhilarating to drive, making it a strong contender against the likes of the Porsche 911 and Audi R8. 

As the Vantage is all about the driving experience, the cabin features low-slung seats, whilst the underside of the car has been designed to increase grip and enhance stability through guided airflow. 

View our current Aston Martin Vantage cars for sale here. 

VW Golf 

From £22,300+ new 

Renowned as the ultimate family car, the VW Golf is now approaching its eighth generation and remains as popular as ever. Whilst the petrol and diesel engines range between 114bhp and 148bhp, the 1.5-litre mild-hybrid petrol engine for the 2020 Golf will produce 148bhp whilst consuming less fuel. 

For sportier styling, the R-line Edition features ‘R-Line’ sport seats and a distinctive radiator grille, whilst the GT Edition is all about comfort with features like 2 Zone Climatronic control. 

View our current VW Golf cars for sale here.  

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