Is this the best car advert of all time?

Let’s face it – the world of car advertising is often renowned for its clichés. There have been some notable exceptions from brands like Audi and Volkswagen in recent years, but those long, winding mountain roads still dominate.

In the words of one automotive ad exec, “there is nothing worse than coming out with a shockingly clichéd ad that is just wallpaper.

Well, a recent DIY effort from an Israeli creative director named Eugene Romanovsky to advertise his 1996 Suzuki SUV for sale has hit the Internet, and wallpaper it is not.

Since being posted to YouTube on 12th April, Eugene’s homemade ad – titled ‘#BuyMyVitara – Suzuki Vitara ’96 for sale’ – has been watched over 5 million times, with many viewers proclaiming this is the best advert they’ve ever seen.

You can watch it now below:

From dinosaurs to space travel, this is a truly epic piece of work with a sense of humour the Internet has clearly enjoyed. Even Suzuki themselves have given the advert the thumbs up!

We’re not sure whether Mr. Romanovsky has sold his car yet, but he’s definitely done his reputation no harm!

You won’t find quite as many avalanches or explosions in our approved Used Car listings, but we can promise plenty of high-quality photos, clear features and spec, plus the option to request a video before seeing the car in person.

So, what do you think – was this the best car advert of all time?

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