The 10 Best Cars with Panoramic Sunroofs

The panoramic sunroof really is a feature for all seasons. Unlike a fixed moonroof, panoramic sunroofs are often designed to open like regular sunroofs and are a top choice for those wanting a convertible-style experience without the lack of roof structure. No hair-in-your-face or grit-in-your-eye moments here, folks.

Whether it’s bags of sunlight during the summer, the soothing sound of rain during the colder months, or a window to the starry night sky, it’s an option worth looking at when it’s time to buy your next car.

Plus, having a panoramic sunroof can be a really great selling point when the time comes to sell.

Panoramic sunroof: pros and cons

Despite the popularity of panoramic sunroofs, it’s always worth considering the pros and cons of any car feature to see if it’s the right choice for you.


Improve your mood – For those in need of a sunshine boost, panoramic sunroofs allow for more natural light to enter the cabin than standard windows

Save the earache – Opening a panoramic sunroof whilst driving produces far less wind noise than opening standard car windows, making it a cost-effective alternative to air conditioning

No claustrophobia – With a view to the sky, cars with panoramic sunroofs naturally feel more spacious, which can really make a difference on longer journeys


Mind your head – Although cars with panoramic sunroofs tend to feel more spacious thanks to the extra natural light, they usually have slightly less headroom

Summer heat – If you live in the UK, then this might only apply for one week of the year… but the added glass from panoramic sunroofs can cause the cabin to get considerably warmer in hot weather than other cars

Winter condensation – In the colder months, condensation can form on the inside of the panoramic roof glass, which may (rarely) cause a small amount of moisture to drip into the cabin

Our top 10 cars with panoramic sunroofs

We’ve rounded up ten of the best vehicles with panoramic sunroofs. Some are open, some are fixed, but all of them make being a driver or passenger that extra bit more enjoyable.

We’ve listed our favourites below in order of on-the-road price, though finance options are available on all models, too.

Volkswagen up!

Volkswagen’s smallest car is still big on German quality, and there’s plenty to love about this particular supermini.

The up! comes with either three or five doors, and with a range of engines and trim levels. Every new up! is manual-only, though there’s plenty of factory-fitted options available to make your car your own.

The pick of the bunch is, of course, the sliding and tilting panoramic sunroof, which is available on all but the Take up! and Rock up! models. It really adds to this small car’s sense of space. A neat trick for a car so little.

Spec your brand new Volkswagen up! right now.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Silver Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with light trails in background

Mitsubishi’s compact SUV looks like something out of the Marvel universe, with its sharp lines and futuristic LED lights.

Fortunately for you, the Eclipse Cross is a reality, and it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a vehicle with big car versatility and a higher driving position. You can also expect sporty on-road handling and some impressive off-road capability too.

Spec your Eclipse Cross with the fixed panoramic roof [available on the Eclipse Cross 4 only], and you can enjoy that on and off-road experience even more, with an extra perspective through the glass ceiling.

Explore a brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross today.

Vauxhall Grandland X

black red vauxhall grandland x

Vauxhall’s stylish mid-size SUV is a great buy whichever way you look at it. There’s impressive levels of kit right across the range too, with features such as a touchscreen infotainment system and electronic climate control standard on even the base SE models.

That means there’s not a lot more you can add to the Grandland X besides your choice of paint colour, but the optional fixed panoramic roof – available across the rang – is a great choice for making your Grandland X your own.

Talk to us about your brand new Vauxhall Grandland X right now.

Peugeot 508

Peugeot 508 on desert road

The Peugeot 508 might just be a watershed moment for the French car manufacturer. It’s pretty, it’s comfortable, and it’s a worthy rival for the more expensive competitors from the likes of Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

The all-new 508 is available as a saloon or estate, and in a variety of trim levels that range from ‘comfortable’ to ‘sporty’. Whichever you choose, though, go for the panoramic opening sunroof.

Get in touch to spec your new Peugeot 508 today.

Audi A3 Saloon

Audi A3 Saloon - blue with mountains in background

Audi’s new A3 saloon is a little slice of executive car heaven. The build quality is absolutely top notch, just as you’d expect from any Audi, and having a saloon body style rather than the conventional hatchback is actually really helpful when it comes to lugging stuff around.

Throw a panoramic sunroof into the mix, and this is a finer example of saloon-shaped motoring, ready for a summer outing.

Talk to us about your brand new Audi A3 Saloon right now.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

White Mercedes C-Class Coupe on country road

Want a great-looking, sub-compact coupe from a German manufacturer?

The Coupe variant of Mercedes-Benz’s wildly popular C-Class has been around for a few generations now, though it used be known by the standalone ‘CLK’ model designation.

The C-Class Coupe can be whatever you want it to be – a refined mile-cruncher sipping on diesel, or a boisterous V8-powered sports-car.

Whichever C-Class Coupe fits your personality, make sure it’s the most comfortable it can be. Spec your car with the Premium Plus Package and get a stunning Burmester Sound System as well as a panoramic sliding sunroof.

Browse the latest new C-Class versions available to buy here.

Jaguar I-PACE

White Jaguar I-PACE

The future of motoring is here right now, and the I-PACE is one of the finest examples of what electric cars can be.

It’s a fully-featured, fully-beautiful SUV with a single-charge range of up to 292 miles. With room for all the family, and room for all your shopping in the impressive boot, the I-PACE will fit seamlessly into your life.

The quality cabin is another reason this Jaguar was named the 2019 World Car of the Year, and adding the optional panoramic roof will only enhance the experience for everyone you take for a ride.

Find out more about a new Jaguar I-PACE now.

Porsche 911

white porsche 911 garage

One of the greatest sports-cars of all time, the 911 has gone through many changes over its 50-year lifespan. Two things that have stayed the same, however, are the unmistakable Porsche design, and the rear-mounted engine, which together make the 911 a truly memorable experience.

The engine that powers today’s ‘standard’ 911 is the legendary 3.0-litre flat six, and it’s tuned for noise as much as it’s tuned for performance. All the more reason to have a 911 with the optional sliding sunroof, then, just so you can hear that glorious note more clearly.

Enquire about a brand new Porsche 911 right now.

Range Rover

Range Rover

The Range Rover: the original, the most well-known, and – arguably – the most capable large SUV when the going gets tough.

Land Rover have worked hard to bring the Range Rover into step with 21st-century expectations, and it delivers on every front – an effortless motorway cruiser, nimble around town, and a monster off-road.

It’s always nice to spec a car so it’s unmistakably yours, and what better personal touch than a glass roof – there’s even a choice of fixed or sliding on the almost-overwhelming list of options.

Browse the latest new Range Rovers models available to order.

Bentley Continental GT

Updated and refreshed in 2018, Bentley’s coupe is as luxurious as grand tourers get, and a wonderful car to drive on long journeys, with its powerful, 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine, and stunning interior.

Spec your Continental GT with the glass panoramic roof and you’ll be able to enjoy that interior with a massive amount of natural light. And if you want to shut the light out temporarily, then the glass roof option includes a rolling blind – finished in Alcantara leather, of course.

Talk to us about a brand new Bentley Continental GT right now.

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