The 15 Best Cars for Dog Owners to Buy in 2018

Being a dog owner’s so rewarding – but, let’s face it, man’s best friend isn’t exactly low maintenance… They might be cuddly, cute and loving, but they sure do make a lot of mess and take up a lot of time and space, right?

Whether you’re ferrying them to and from the park, trundling down to the supermarket to load up on dog food, or getting ready for a long road trip, your car plays a vital role when it comes to making sure the fuzziest member of your family is well taken care of. That’s why it’s so important that you choose one that’s up to the challenge.

Not sure where to start? Here is a selection of dog-friendly cars we at JCT600 think are perfectly suited to those with a pooch.

Feel free to browse the full list, or jump to the cars that best match your budget using the links below:

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£20k – £25k

£25k – £35k


Best New Cars for Dog Owners: Under £20k

Want to do right by your dog, but on a bit of a budget? You needn’t compromise with these fantastic quality, totally practical cars.

New Kia Cee’d
– from £15,365

New Kia Ceed

Boot space: 380 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Cargo separator/dog guard (from £140), boot liner (£85.10)

A great option for those on a tight budget, the Cee’d comes with Kia’s industry-leading 7-year warranty.  Carbuyer called it an “attractive, practical and affordable family hatchback” – go for the Sportswagen or Sportage versions for maximum space and practicality.

New Peugeot 308 Sportswagon – from £ 19,520

New Peugeot 308 SW

Boot space: 660 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Back seat cover (price on application)

Got yourself an especially large dog? Or maybe a few furry members of the family? The Peugeot 308 boasts the largest load space in its class. First launched in 2007, the latest models are a more stylish step up from previous version, plus, according to Top Gear, this compact car “rides supremely well”.

New Volkswagen Golf – from £18,230 New VW Golf

Boot space: 380 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Loadliner (£65), rear sill cover (£95)

Awarded an unbeatable five stars by Auto Express, the latest evolution of this long-established  family hatch offers a great quality interior, excellent refinement and a wide choice of engines – you’ll be hard pressed to find a better equipped car in its category.

New SEAT Ateca – from £18,670New SEAT Ateca

Boot space: 510 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: ‘Pet pack’ including cargo separation grille and protective seat cover (from £155)

“The Seat Ateca… should be at the top of your family SUV shopping list,” says What Car? – and we’re inclined to agree! With a spacious interior, exceptional handling and a reassuring five-star safety rating, it’s well-equipped to meet the needs of any dog owners.

New Mazda6 Tourer – from £ 23,125New Mazda6 Tourer

Boot space: 483 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Boot mat with rear bumper protection (£39.54), trunk liner (£50.17)

Auto Express have pointed out that the Mazda6 Tourer “has lots of space, lots of tech but doesn’t cost lots to run”, making it a fantastic family car that’s also pooch-proof. Plus the latest versions of this estate carry SkyActiv technology, an improvement on previous models that’s made it a serious contender in the sector.

Best New Cars for Dog Owners: From £20k to £25k

Here are the best dog-friendly cars priced between £20 and £25k. If you’d like to take advantage of one of our finance deals just click through to any car to see what’s available.

New Vauxhall Mokka X 1.4T Active – from £20,930New Vauxhall Mokka X Active

Boot space: 356 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Dog guard (£169), cargo liner (£79)

Perfect for “people who want a practical car but one that makes a statement”, according to Honest John, the Mokka ticks all the boxes. And handily, the rear seats can still be folded down when the dog guard’s in place which will cut down on wasted time if you’re transporting large items when your favourite pooch is  not around.

New MINI Clubman – from £21,040New MINI Clubman

Boot space: 360 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Rear luggage compartment mat (from £57), multi-functional cover for rear seats (from £90)

Thought a MINI was a no-go as a family car? Think again… Autocar have called the Clubman “surprisingly practical” – the boot is big, and those opinion-dividing barn doors are actually really good for getting a dog in and out of.

New Audi Q2 – from £21,660New Audi Q2

Boot space: 405 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Protection pack including luggage compartment load liner, rubber front mats and rear bumper protection film (£100); dog harness (from £51)

While pretty much every model in the Q range is suitable for those who regularly have a doggy passenger along for the ride, we’ve included the Q2 here as it’s generally the most affordable model in the range. Car Buyer have highlighted this car as “a very tempting proposition” thanks to the high level of personalisation and range of engines you can choose from.

New Volkswagen Tiguan – from £23,250New VW Tiguan

Boot space: 615 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Pet pack including rear sill protection film, flexible boot liner and partition grill (from £330 including fitting)

Offering a boot that’s especially big for its class, the Tiguan also “does refinement and driveability better than most rivals”, according to Autocar. This small SUV is also refined and relatively cheap to run.

New MINI Countryman – from £23,340New MINI Countryman

Boot space: 450 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Rear luggage compartment mat (from £57), multifunctional cover for rear seats (from £90)

The latest incarnation of the Countryman “offers better space, greater efficiency and more advanced tech than its predecessor” according to Auto Express, making it a “truly practical family car” – take your pick from petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions.

Best New Cars for Dog Owners: From £25k to £35k

If you’re after something a little more luxurious in feel, these models from Audi and BMW might well be the one for you and your fuzzy pal.

New BMW 3 Series Touring – from £28,130New BMW 3 series touring

Boot space: 495 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Fitted luggage compartment mat (from £99), all-weather floor mats (from £46.01)

Top Gear rated the BMW 3 Series Touring 9 out of 10 and called it “a belter”. Offering fun handling and excellent performance, the interior finish is especially high quality and you also get a brilliant infotainment system as standard.

New Audi A4 Avant – from £29,250New Audi A4 Avant

Boot space: 505 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Protection pack including luggage compartment load liner, rubber front mats and rear bumper protection film (£100), dog harness (from £51)

Auto Express have pointed out that the Audi A4 Avant offers a “refined and mature drive”, and that it’s also got the biggest boot in its class. Overall a better option than the saloon as its more practical and versatile, owners love it’s classy interior and refined driving experience.

New Audi A6 Avant – from £ 35,300New Audi A6 Avant

Boot space: 565 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Protection pack including luggage compartment load liner, rubber front mats and rear bumper protection film (£100), dog harness (from £51)

Combining “great performance and practicality, along with surprising economy” – as highlighted by Car Buyer – the A6 Avant offers a huge hatchback boot as well as plenty of room in the cabin. It’s an all-diesel line up, but you’re sure to be impressed with the power the engines deliver across the range.

Best New Cars for Dog Owners: £35k+

Though they carry the heftiest price tags, these innovative, great-looking cars are more than worth the investment if you want the very best for you and your pooch.

New Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV – from £37,945New Mercedes GLC SUV

Boot space: 550 litres
Dog-friendly accessories: Boot tub (£88.80), concertina load sill protector (£41.53)

What Car? have praised the GLC for being “well equipped”, offering “punchy engines” and boasting a “stylish interior”. Best of all, when you buy from us, the Mercedes-Benz GLC220d AMG Line is available from just £479 a month.

New Audi Q7 – from £51,110Audi Q7

Boot space: 770 litres when third row of seat collapsed
Dog-friendly accessories: Protection pack including luggage compartment load liner, rubber front mats and rear bumper protection film (£100), dog harness (from £51)

In their review, Auto Express called the Audi Q7 “an upmarket SUV that’s practical and packed with hi-tech features”. This seven-seater offers plenty of space and versatility so every member of the family – including the four-legged kind – is well catered for.

If you’d like more advice on dog-friendly cars, or want to find out more about finance options, then feel free to get in touch with one of our teams or drop into one of our showrooms.

Or if you’re ready to start looking for your perfect car now, you can start your search here.

*** Please note, all car prices shown are based on the MRRPs at the time of going live (Feb 2018). Accessory prices are taken from the relevant manufacturer websites ***

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