All the Answers to Our Bond Cars Quiz Questions

QUESTION 1: Which Bond had the pleasure of driving this Lotus Esprit submarine?
ANSWER: Roger Moore

QUESTION 2: This is Switzerland’s Furka Pass. Sean Connery’s Bond races his Aston Martin DB5 against what car on this majestic stretch of road?
ANSWER: A Ford Mustang

QUESTION 3: Bond drove an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish which used ‘adapative camouflage’ to become invisible in which film?
ANSWER: Die Another Day

QUESTION 4: Which of the following Bond BMWs is destroyed by a buzzsaw-equipped helicopter?

QUESTION 5: Which film features Roger Moore chasing a parachuting Grace Jones in a carjacked Renault 11 taxi along the Seine?
ANSWER: A View to a Kill

QUESTION 6: Casino Royale’s Aston Martin DBS stunt broke the world record for the most barrel rolls assisted by a cannon. How many rolls did it complete?

QUESTION 7: Which less than glamorous car serves as Bond’s backup when his Lotus self-destructs in For Your Eyes Only?
ANSWER: A Citroen 2CV

QUESTION 8: In From Russia With Love, 007 is seen driving the car that Ian Fleming often gave him in the novels. What make of car was this?
ANSWER: Bentley

QUESTION 9: Which film features a race between an Aston Martin DB5 and a Ferrari 355?
ANSWER: Goldeneye

QUESTION 10: As part of his deal, Daniel Craig can take any Aston Martin for a spin, any time he wants, including on Aston’s private track.

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