How to re-fill your car washer fluid reservoir

A simple guide to explain how you re-fill your car washer fluid reservoir.

Where is the washer fluid reservoir?

Start by opening your cars bonnet using the release catch. Lift up the bonnet and secure it so it doesn’t drop on you. Because cars differ so much, we’d advise looking in your car handbook – this will tell you exactly what the washer fluid cap looks like and where it is located.

However, if you can’t find your handbook, you’ll need to look out for the washer fluid symbol. This will generally be similar to the image below, although the cap itself can be blue, yellow black, white, or any range of colours!

washer Now to re-fill the reservoir

Once you’ve found the cap, remove it. This is where you will pour your replacement washer fluid. We’d advise using screenwash – depending on the variety you buy you’ll either need to add water to dilute it, or it will come ready mixed. Don’t use undiluted screen wash without adding water too! In the winter, it’s also very advisable to use anti-freeze so that your washer fluid doens’t freeze in the pipes. Again, you can get this unmixed or pre-mixed.

Pour the liquid directly into the filler pipe, and keep pouring until the liquid reaches the top of the pipe. This can take quite a lot of liquid!

Once re-filled, make sure to screw the cap back on so washer fluid doesn’t leak all over your engine bay!

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