7 Questions to ask yourself when buying a car

The car market is currently jam-packed with options – brands, models, styles, add-ons, upgrades, coupés, family cars, etc. etc.
So how do you choose?

1 What will you use it for? It may seem like a simple and relatively obvious question, but there are such a vast amount of options that it may be easy to lose sight of what you need. People spend on average 4.5 years in a car in their lifetime – that’s a long time to be in a car that doesn’t fulfil your needs. You need to be sure you know all there is to know about your new car; the dimensions, fuel economy, safety features. You won’t want a cheaper model city car if you commute an hour to work each day.

2 How much money can you afford? This is the big question that really decides whether it’s yay or nay on that brand new Audi TT. A car is an investment, emotionally and financially. It’s a roller-coaster deciding what you want – and how far you’ll stretch the purse strings to get it. Which leads us nicely to…

3 How will you pay for it? The modern motor trade offers boundless options for buying a new or used car. With such a wide range of funding options, you need to decide which is right for you – it’s much easier for car buyers to purchase a higher-spec car with the new payment options in place today. You will also need to take into account what to do with your old car – is it worth part-exchanging?

4 Have you checked out the insurance? It’s no use stretching for your all-new, kitted out Golf GTI to find out the insurance cost is just as much as the car. Shop around for your insurance prior to making any commitment to avoid it catching you out later. Check out our tips on finding the right insurer for more help.

5 Are you sitting comfortably? While you will spend 4.5 years in a car during your life, 3 months of that will be sat in traffic. So you’ll want to feel at home – does your car cater to your needs? Do you need a top entertainment system? Sat-Nav? Make sure you go through your necessities with a fine tooth comb, and match it up with your budget whether you really, really need it.

6 New or used? In today’s market it is much easier for the average motorist to buy a brand new car. What this means, however, is that the standard of used cars that can be picked up relatively cheaply is on the rise. It may be a financial decision, or you may sacrifice having a brand new car for a higher specification used model.

7 Have you researched enough? To be entirely sure you’re making the right decision, you need to cross-reference all of the above – and more. Cater to your own needs, but don’t have tunnel vision. Maybe your perfect car is out there waiting for you, but you just haven’t discovered it yet…

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