5 things you’ll love about… the Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen are really taking this electric car thing seriously, aren’t they? The ID.3 is already a big hit with fans of the German brand and electric vehicles alike, and the ID.4 promises to offer the size and space of an SUV on top of green EV power.

There’s no doubt that the VW ID.4 is a great choice for buyers, but why exactly should you choose one?

Check out 5 reasons we think you should pick the ID.4 as your next wheels…

1 | 100% electric power

Obvious, right? Sure, but with a single-charge electric range of up to 310 miles [depending on the model you choose], it’s well worth mentioning.

There’s a huge amount of information on charge levels and power consumption available via the central and driver displays too, so you’re kept in the loop when it comes to knowing when to charge back up. Hook it up to a rapid charger, and you can be back on the road with a 65% charge in just half an hour.

2 | Room for the family

What’s an SUV if you can’t fit the family in? Fortunately, the ID.4 has got you covered, with space and comfort for five occupants.

The interior is super high quality too, and materials are premium yet clearly pretty durable. It’s ready for whatever you and the kids can throw at it!

3 | The sleek roof-line

Volkswagen has always been known for producing vehicles that look the part, and the ID.4 does nothing to break that trend.

It uses the new VW design language that the ID.3 established, pumping it up to SUV size, and a stylish, sleek roof-line that does a great job of hiding some of the bulk.

4 | The futuristic interior

The ID.4 is a vehicle for the now, but it looks like a vehicle for the future – particularly on the inside.

For infotainment, there’s a huge touchscreen interface with USB-C connectivity and smartphone integration. And for the driver, a digital display shows critical information like speed and charge level. It’s clear, easy to read, and easy to customise too.

5 | The clever ID. Light Bar

Yeah, it might be a bit of a party trick, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

The ID. Light Bar sits at the far end of the dashboard, just beneath the windscreen, and has a few neat tricks up its sleeve.

Use the car’s voice command features, and the ID. Light Bar illuminates smartly to give you a bit of visual feedback which is handy when your eyes are on the road. Or set the sat-nav going and the ID. Light Bar will show you which way to turn with its own little light show. Neat!

Ready to charge ahead with an ID.4 of your own? Get in touch with the JCT600 Volkswagen team right now.

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