5 things you’ll love about… the Mercedes-Benz EQA

Congrats. You might’ve just found your new favourite small EV, and it’s a Merc.

The German auto-maker’s latest electric vehicle joins the EQC and EQV in their growing EQ range of vehicles, bringing compact SUV style to the zero emission party.

With a size and shape that closely matches the company’s GLA model, the EQA is a great car for families and individuals alike. But why should you choose one?

Plug in for 5 reasons you’ll love the Mercedes-Benz EQA…

1 | EQ exterior design

Let’s start with the obvious. The EQA fits right into Mercedes-Benz’s existing EQ line-up with design elements seen on the EQC SUV and EQV MPV.

The front ‘shield’ incorporates a glossy black nose and slim headlamps, while round the back, a super-smart lightbar joins the rear light clusters, giving the EQA that brand new, ‘vehicle of the future’ vibe.

2 | MBUX multimedia system

Merc have long been at the front of in-car infotainment systems, and the MBUX multimedia system in the EQA is the latest version.

That means it’s better than ever, with the usual entertainment options, plus access to some nerdy detail about the EQA’s power reserves and power usage.

Input is via either the huge touchscreen or the super intuitive central touch pad and buttons.

3 | Crazy ambient lighting

We’re a sucker for a lights show, and the EQA does not disappoint.

There are slithers of chromatic LED light throughout the cabin, but they’re placed so subtly that you won’t know they’re there until you switch the EQA on.

Pick from a palette of infinite colour to make the cabin match your personality or mood, and enjoy the gentle ambient glow as you drive.

Drive at night and the effect is even better.

4 | 263 miles of all electric range

A small electric car with a range that’ll get you half the length of the country? Check.

There’s rapid charging capability too, so you can juice up quickly when you’re part-way through those longer road-trips.

5 | SUV size and space

With a silhouette that is similar to the company’s latest GLA model, the EQA packs the same amount of space inside.

There’s plenty of room for four adults, with boot space coming in at a very usable 340 litres.

It’s an SUV too, so that means you get an elevated driving position and a great view of the road ahead.

Fancy upgrading your EV? Yet to take the electric car plunge? Speak to your local JCT600 Mercedes-Benz dealership about the EQA.

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