5 things you’ll love about… the Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT W12. Power for days, super luxurious interior, and beautiful to look at. Is it the ultimate grand tourer?

We think it could well be, but to be sure, we took the Bentley Continental GT W12 to the mean streets of Leeds to find out exactly what makes this luxo-super car stand out from the rest.

Here are 5 things about this Bentley that we think you’ll love…

1 | The rumble of the W12 engine

If you’re ever lucky enough to drive a Continental GT, you’ll notice it’s hard to actually hear the engine sometimes. That’s because Bentley have done such an incredible job of making this car a supremely smooth, supremely refined tourer for the longest of road trips.

But switch into Sport mode and you’ll be serenaded by the most godly of engine tones. Twelve cylinders of pure caramel, roaring into life whenever you go remotely near the accelerator pedal. It’s completely intoxicating.

2 | The fresh exterior design

Bentley launched the Continental GT all the way back in 2003, but totally overhauled it in 2018 with a brand new model.

The first generation car had its admirers, but this latest Continental GT is a whole new level of beautiful. It’s imposing while being graceful, sporty while being understated. Can you tell we’re smitten?

3 | The rotating central displays

Slide into the cabin, hit the beautifully-crafted ignition button, and sit back as the central displays put on their own little show.

With the engine off, there’s a classily-finished blank just above the equally-classy vents. But once the car powers up, that blank rotates to reveal the stunning touchscreen infotainment display.

Don’t fancy the radio? Hit the ‘screen’ button on the dash and the display rotates away to reveal three elegant clocks. Exterior temperature, a compass, and a chronometer, since you asked. Even James Bond would be impressed…

4 | The diamond knurling detail on the centre console

This one is peak Bentley. You don’t pay six figures for a motor vehicle and expect to find cheap materials inside, and thankfully, there’s not a cheap plastic in sight here.

In fact, run down the options list and you’ll find a tickbox next to ‘Diamond knurling’. Tick that box, and your car will arrive with some finely crafted crystalline touches on some of the central switchgear. It’s OTT, but we love it.

5 | The luxurious upholstery

Speed, say hello to comfort.

The clue’s in the name of the Continental GT, and the interior is where this grand tourer really comes up trumps. The chairs are cosseting, covered in only the finest materials, and can even indulge you in a gentle massage as you float along. Perfection.

Seen enough to be convinced? Enquire about a Continental GT of your very own at JCT600 Bentley, located in either Leeds or Newcastle.

Have we missed your favourite part of the Bentley Continental GT? Or maybe we’ve been guilty of wearing out burgundy-tinted spectacles with one of the features we’ve picked out. Let us know [nicely…] by tweeting us!

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