The 15 Best Cars for Dog Owners to Buy in 2019

Being a dog owner’s so rewarding – but, let’s face it, man’s best friend isn’t exactly low maintenance… They might be cuddly, cute and loving, but they sure do make a lot of mess and take up a lot of time and space, right?

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The 15 Best Diesel Cars to Buy

For many years, diesel cars got a bad rep for being loud or stinky, and that reputation didn’t improve following the so-called ’emissions scandal’ a few years ago.

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New UK Driving Laws Explained: 2019 Edition

New Driving Laws in 2019: Everything You Need to Know

With an increasing number of cars on the roads, it’s no surprise to see a rise in regulations, changes and laws. We’ve pulled together the key changes for 2019 that motorists need to know about.

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The 19 Best Cars for Mums in 2019

When it feels like you’re constantly ferrying little ones to and fro and/or running errands, you need a family car that’s reliable and practical. But given that you spend so many hours on the road – and, let’s face it, quite a few camping out waiting for the kids to finish whatever activity they’re up to that day – you want one that’s not a total bore either.

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How NOT to drive in Winter

There are many driving tips and guides out there for your reading pleasure, so we’re going to run through a quick-fire list of what NOT to do when driving this winter.

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The 8 Best Car Shows and Events in 2019

Want to know what highlights of 2019’s automotive events calendar you should be looking out for? We’ve compiled a list of 8 definitive dates around the UK and Europe this year.

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The 10 Best UK Car Blogs You Should Bookmark if You’re Mad About Motoring

In case you’ve not visited the JCT600 blog before, you should know we’re obsessed with all things automotive.

We’re passionate about the history, we’re clued into the latest trends, and we’re also intrigued by where motoring might go next.

But with a whole world of brilliant car blogs out there, we thought we’d share some of the UK’s best with you.

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Fuel Types Explained

With the wide range of engine types now available, the growing costs of fuel, and cars moving towards being electric, pulling up at the petrol station doesn’t feel as simple as it once was.

In this post, we will explain what different types of fuel are currently available on the market, to help you find the perfect car and arm you with the information you need to look after it properly.

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