Smart Repairs

We know that you want to keep your car in great condition, so should you pick up an unfortunate scuff, scratch or dent, do not worry. Our manufacturer approved technicians offer the perfect solution: a large number of expert repairs to keep those all important details crisp and clean, inside and out, and at sensible prices. All repairs are carried out by our manufacturer approved technicians to unquestionable standards.

Stone chip repairs

Stone chip damage can be easily repaired with meticulous attention to details, restoring your car to the standards you are accustomed to. Prices start from £55.

Spot repairs

If a car body panel suffers minor damage, it may not require replacement. An approved Bodyshop can rectify small panel defects by refinishing the painted surface to a high standard. Prices start from £55.

Windscreen and glass repairs

Damage to your windscreen that is left unattended over time can worsen and greatly impair visibility. We can eliminate minor damage quickly, cost-effectively and permanently. Prices start from £45.

Alloy wheel repairs

Small scuffs and scratches to your alloy wheels can often be repaired and may not require a replacement wheel. Please contact us directly for more details. Prices start from £50.

Bumper scuff treatment

Small scuffs can be effectively and easily removed. By using advanced techniques we can restore your bumpers to a high quality condition. Prices start from £65.

Scratch rectification

Scratches to the paintwork can spoil the appearance of your car. Using advanced technology and paint application, we can help restore your car to its former glory. Prices start from £65.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Small dents to your car caused by car doors and shopping trolleys can be easily repaired. PDR ‘massages’ the dent out to a high quality restoration. Prices start from £45.

Prices shown are inclusive of VAT, fitting and painting (where required). Painting includes non-metallic paint only, for all other paints please request a specific quote. Prices and information correct at time of print but may be subject to product changes. Prices may also vary depending on the condition or specification of your vehicle.

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