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Accident Repair Advice

Accident Repair Advice

Having an accident can be a very stressful time for everyone. The sudden impact of not knowing which way to turn, dealing with insurance companies, getting estimates, and the possible use of no vehicle, can be all too much.

At JCT600 Body Clinic we take all the stress away with one simple phone call to our teams. We have a wealth of knowledge when dealing with insurance companies and the mine field this may present to our customers. You can trust us to look after everything, nothing is too much trouble. A large percentage of people now insure their vehicles online with the main intention to get the best, competitive price. Please be careful that you have not signed up to using the insurance approved network which may also include a further excess or the fact that you can’t have your vehicle repaired where you want.  What most people don’t take into consideration is what happens if they do have an accident. How good is the policy? Below are a few questions that may already be on your mind.

Can I choose where I have my car repaired?

Your insurance company may always try and direct you to their ‘Insurance Approved’ network in an effort to save costs. These repair centres are chosen using commercial terms. It’s your legal right to have your vehicle repaired where you like but beware of the hidden conditions within your policy that may cause you problems when you wish to exercise your rights.

Why should it matter where I have my car repaired?

JCT600 Body Clinic are ‘Manufacturer Approved or Recommended’ which means we only use genuine parts and genuine materials. Our technicians undergo strict manufacturer training on a regular basis to keep up to date with the latest in vehicle construction to ensure we meet exact safety standards. We undergo stringent annual audits to make sure we maintain our high standards.

Will I get a loan vehicle from you?

We have our own small fleet of courtesy vehicles which are available to loan.*

My insurance company wants to charge me to cover the loan car because I want to use you.

Don’t worry, we have our own courtesy car insurance and subject to terms and conditions can be made available should you have any problems.

My insurance company say they won’t guarantee the repairs if I use you.

As insurance companies have their Approved networks, they will try to direct policy holders back to their repair centres where they can control the costs. Please see our Guarantee page for further details.

You would not let just anybody drive your vehicle – Why would you let just anybody repair it?

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