Our Promise To You

Our Promise

In order to be the Best Place to Work we must have the right environment for you to work within, which we all must take personal responsibility for creating and we must all share the success we generate as a result.  As part of this we have our seven promises.

We promise to:

Provide a safe working environment for all our colleagues

It seems an obvious point, but we can’t be the Best Place to Work if we do not all work hard to provide a safe environment for everyone. This ranges from a strong approach to health and safety to a zero tolerance attitude towards bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Never jeapordise the long term future of the business

The Best Place to Work is stable and secure. A JCT600 colleague’s job security will never be jeopardised through financial instability. Prudent management of our resources is the foundation on which we build everything else and the leaders of our Company take this responsibility very seriously.

Ensure all colleagues have the right tools

Prudent management of our resources includes investment in the right areas. A colleague with the right tools to do their job is someone with the opportunity to perform to the maximum of their ability. The right tools may be equipment, but can also be trained skills or support and direction.

Encourage all colleagues to show initiative

It is possible for an organisation to stifle its people by restricting them. We want to create a balance between sensible levels of policies, processes and procedures and a culture which unlocks your potential and the potential of your colleagues.

Our ambition is to create an environment where you can use your initiative, challenge norms and come up with ideas.

We provide all colleagues with a clear career path

Every colleague within JCT600 must have a clear career path which is specific to their individual needs and ambitions. It is imperative that everyone has the opportunity to develop their career as far as they want to.

Ensure equality for all colleagues

Where a policy, process or procedure needs to be used it must be done so objectively, consistently and fairly.

Do the right thing for our team, community and environment

The Best Place to Work obviously does the right thing by its people but it has to do more than that. We recognise that our colleagues and customers also need us to do the right thing by our local communities and our environment.

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