Our doors are back open safely. We're ready when you are. Click here for more info.

Our doors are back open safely. We're ready when you are. Click here for more info.

The History of JCT600

The history of JCT600

As origin stories go, JCT600’s is pretty good. Today, it’s one of the UK’s most respected and most trusted motor retailers, representing 25 of the world’s most famous manufacturers at more than 50 sites across the North of England.

Turn the clock back 75 years though, to 1946, and you’ll find just one garage located on Bradford’s famous Sticker Lane. Tordoff Motors Ltd – also known as Brooklands Garage – was established by Edward Tordoff along with two business partners, before being taken on by his son, Jack Tordoff.

When Jack bought all the shares in Tordoff Motors Ltd, he had a shiny new showroom built next to the original garage. He also bought a Mercedes-Benz 600, bearing the registration plate JCT600. ‘JCT’ were Jack’s initials, and the ‘600’ represented the car which the plate adorned. It would be the name given to Jack’s rebranded business.

Today, Jack continues as Chairman of JCT600, and with his son John at the helm, JCT600 has grown into a successful, respected motor retailer that officially reaches its 75th anniversary in 2021.

But a company does not reach its 75th anniversary by chance. A company can only become three-quarters of a century old through stability, passion, and dedication.

Most importantly, though, a company can only survive and prosper for so long if it has a group of colleagues who are absolutely committed to its success.

JCT600 has been built on family values, and four generations of the Tordoff family are now involved in the day-to-day running of the business. But the JCT600 family is more than 2000-strong.

Colleagues across the business, both past and present, have helped JCT600 become the success it is today.

The future looks bright for JCT600 too, with new brands such as MG and Citroën recently joining, and new investment in existing dealerships and infrastructure confirmed.

In 2021, keep an eye on our social media channels as we’ll be celebrating our 75th anniversary year, as well as our 75th birthday in June.

We’ll be sharing stories from ourselves and from our customers throughout the year, and we’d love to hear yours too, so be part of the conversation by following JCT600 on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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