Total Loss Protection

Total Loss Protection

If your car was to be involved in an accident, stolen, destroyed by fire or flood and declared a total loss by your insurance provider, what would you do?

If this was to happen, your insurance provider is most likely to pay you the market value of the vehicle and not what you originally paid for it. This means you would be left with the shortfall between the market value and the original invoice price.

By taking advantage of our total loss cover, we would pay this difference for you.

JCT600 Total Loss Protection is designed to help you settle your outstanding finance on the vehicle or to replace it if the payment you receive from your insurance provider falls short.

JCT600 Total Loss Protection gives you extra security and is also our commitment to helping you find peace of mind when you need it most. To offer our customers all-encompassing protection, we have two different types of cover to provide an option that's right for you.

  • Benefits
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Return to invoice
  • What is not covered
  • Eligibility
  • How to make a claim
Benefits of Total Loss Protection
  • Covers you for up to 3 years
  • Protects your savings in the event of your vehicle being written off or stolen and not recovered
  • Reduces the need to consider an older vehicle when replacing the one that has been written off
  • Covers you for up to £250 of your motor insurers excess
  • Can ensure you don't get penalised for an accident that maybe wasn't your fault
  • Reduces the need to consider an additional loan to enable you to just drive the same vehicle
  • Ask your sales executive for more information or a personalised quote
Vehicle Replacement Insurance

If your new vehicle is declared a total loss by your insurance provider, Vehicle Replacement Insurance (VRI) is designed to put you back in a brand new like for like vehicle, even if the replacement vehicle costs more than the on you originally purchased.

Original Purchase Price £20,500
Your Insurance Provider Pays You £14,000
Replacement equivalent Vehicle £21,200

The insurance policy pays an amount to replace your original vehicle with one of the same specification - in this example that would be £7,200

Please note: If your motor insurance policy has a new vehicle provision and you decline the offer of a new vehicle, then we will pay the difference between the insured vehicle and the net invoice selling price of the insured vehicle, or the finance settlement, which ever is the greater and not the cost of the vehicle.

Return to Invoice Insurance

We also offer Return to Invoice Insurance (RTI), this insurance policy is designed to Cover the difference between the payment received from your motor insurance company and the price you paid for the vehicle or cost to settle your outstanding finance, whichever is greater.

Original Invoice Price £15,500
Your Insurance Provider Pays You £7,000

The insurance will cover the amount to take you back to your original invoice price – on this example that would be £8,000.

For both VRI and RTI the policy lasts for three years and in addition the Finance Gap element will be extended to match the term of your finance agreement up to a maximum of 60 months. Also anyexcess up to £250 which you cannot recover from the liable third party will be paid. The maximum benefit for any policy is up to £50,000.

Ask your sales executive for more information or a personalised quote


Like all policies of this type there are some circumstances that this insurance does not cover, which include;

  • A total loss which occurred after the insured vehicle was taken or driven without your consent by a family member, spouse or partner
  • If the insured vehicle has been modified in any way from the manufacturers specification
  • Any negative equity
  • A total loss which is not the subject of an indemnity under the motor insurance policy or which occurs while the insured vehicle is being
  • used for pace-making, racing, rallying, speed testing or reliability trials, hiring (including private hire and taxis) or is being driven by any
    person not holding a valid current licence to drive the insured vehicle
  • Any claim where you have option to receive a new vehicle under the terms of your Motor Insurance Policy in respect
    of the total loss of your vehicle

You are eligible if at the start date;

  • For Vehicle Replacement Insurance - Your insured vehicle is less than or equal to 180 days old and covered less then
    250 miles at the time you purchase the policy
  • For Return to Invoice Insurance - You insured vehicle must be a vehicle retailed by JCT600
  • You are the registered keeper of the insured vehicle
  • Your insured vehicle is covered by fully comprehensive insurance
  • The term of the finance agreement on the insured vehicle is less than or equal to 60 months
  • You are a permanent resident of the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Ask your sales executive for more information or a personalised quote.
How to make a claim

It is a condition of this insurance cover that you do not accept an offer of settlement of a claim under your motor insurance policy without first
contacting Premia Solutions Limited on 01926 622 660.

If a total loss occurs, please help by reporting your claim according to the following procedure; Contact Premia Solutions Limited immediately
on 01926 622 660, when you become aware of a potential total loss and before you accept any settlement from you insurance provider.

For claims authorisation you must advice your policy number, insured vehicle details and the cause of total loss No benefit shall become
payable under this policy until we have received proof to our satisfaction of; the payment of the claim for total loss under the motor insurance
policy and the total loss and the insured value as at the date.

Premia Solutions Limited will require;

  • a copy of your motor insurance schedule including your motor insurance policy
  • your policy number and vehicle details
  • cause of total loss
  • valid crime reference in case of theft
  • details of the finance settlement
  • evidence of the Total Loss and the Insured Value as at the Date of Loss
  • details of the outstanding finance arrangement including the outstanding balance, remaining term, interest charges etc.

The full list of limitations, exclusions, terms and conditions is given in the Total Loss Protection policy document.

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